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Getting Started with Your Online Courses at DACC


  • Regular Start Fall courses with a start date of 8-21-23 will appear on Blackboard on 8-21-23
  • Late Start Fall courses with a start date of 9-18-23 will appear on Blackboard on 9-18-23
  • 2nd 8wks Fall courses with a start date of 10-16-23 will appear on Blackboard on 10-16-23

***Please refer to your course schedule for all start dates.***

To register for online courses, please call 217-443-8800. 

Blackboard Basics Video

Strategies for Online Learning Success

Complete the Online Learning Orientation (INST-110) before the semester starts.
Plan time each day to work on your online course.
Your online course will require as much work as your face-to-face class.
Contact your instructor immediately if you have a question.

Helpful Tip: What to do when your Wi-fi goes out

  1. Don't Panic
  2. Power cycle the router.  Turn it off and back on again.  Give it time for all the important lights to be flashing (there should be one called "internet," which is the most important).
  3. Check for internet outages in your area.  Use your phone to check your internet provider's website.  If there's no outage, contact your internet provider and have a technician come and investigate.
  4. Use your phone to sign into class.  Email your instructor and explain the situation.  You may also be able to do your homework on your phone or use your phone as a hotspot.  Close out all of your apps to avoid using too much data.
  5. Have a back-up wi-fi solution like access to a local library, a friend's house, another family member's house, etc.

Click here for a printable version of this page.

Step 1. Retrieve your Student User ID and Password

  • At the Selfserve screen, click on the "Instructions" button and follow the steps provided in order to retrieve your student User ID and Password.

If you have problems retrieving your Student User ID and/or Password, contact the Computer and Network Services department at helpdesk@dacc.edu or 217.443.8861 or 217-443-8871.

Step 2. Log in to Blackboard and locate your course(s):

Blackboard Logo
Log in to Blackboard Learn
Please bookmark this address for easy access.

Step 3. Locate the My Courses module in Blackboard

Click on the "DACC Online" or "Courses" tab inside Blackboard. Your courses will be listed on the right side of the page under the "My Courses" module.  This module contains a list of all of the courses for which you are registered (they will become available on the Friday before the first day of class). Please refer to your course schedule for individual course start/end dates.  To enter your class, click on the course name/link. This will take you "inside" your class.

Step 4. Complete the Online Orientation (INST-110) module in Blackboard
(For students taking their first online course at DACC)

If a student has never taken an online course at DACC before, he or she is encouraged to access the Online Learning Orientation (INST-110) before participating in an online course. This is not a graded activity but will help familiarize you with Blackboard courses.  Click on this link to open the tutorial. Follow instructions provided.  Face-to-face (on campus) orientations are also offered. Please contact your academic advisor or call Registration at 217-443-8800 to sign up.

Bb My Courses Module

Step 5. Read carefully and follow your instructor's directions.

Once you log into your course(s), you should see some directions about what to do next, and how to begin working in the course. The instructor will probably have a course outline and other course information for you to read. To contact your instructor, use the internal course email/messages tool located on the left-hand course menu. If you do not see an email/messages tool in your Blackboard course, send an email to your instructor at the address he/she provides.  Contact your instructor if there's something you don't understand!

Please note: online courses usually still require textbooks…be sure to check with the campus bookstore!


If you have course content questions, your first point of contact is your instructor.

For Blackboard technical support, please contact:

Maggie Hoover & Jung Ae Merrick at:
217.443.8885  /  217.443.8723

You may also use this convenient web form:
Technical Support Request Form



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