Nursing Program

Nursing Program

Applications for Fall 2020 are now available.

The deadline remains unchanged. Deadline is May 22, 2020 by noon.


Due to COVID-19, the ATI TEAS is not required to apply for FALL 2020. If you have already taken the TEAS exam, you can still receive points.

Nursing applications can be scanned and emailed in to or mailed to provided address on application. All required material must be submitted together to be considered for admission. All required courses must be completed and unofficial grades provided. Payment can be made by mail (check or money order) with application or by phone 217-443-8767.

Level I applications: Level I Nursing Application

Level II (LPN-RN) Level II Application

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call 217-443-8553. 

The Associate Degree Nurse (ADN) is an entry level practitioner and is competent to practice as a direct caregiver in a variety of health care settings which include diverse patient populations. ADN graduates are employed in a health care delivery system that continues to grow and change. As noted in our Mission Statement, the nursing program has an overall goal of preparing graduates who practice safe, entry level professional nursing with a desire for lifelong learning. Therefore, ADN graduates may go on to pursue bachelors, master's and doctoral degrees in preparation for advanced levels of practice. The ADN/RN program at DACC implements a multi-exit ladder approach in which the student may exit after the first level of nursing education with a Practical Nursing Certificate, qualified to write the licensure exam for Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN) OR the student can continue in the second level and earn an Associate Degree in Nursing/Registered Nursing. The purpose of the ladder associate degree nursing curriculum is to prepare qualified graduates to fulfill the current responsibilities of the Practical Nurse (Level I) and of the Registered Nurse (Level II).

The nursing program at DACC has a great reputation for excellence and quality, including high pass rate on the national exams for licensure. In addition, students can work as nurses (LPN's) while completing an RN education. AND, the classes can be completed at community college costs - a fraction of the expense of a university or private college. For these reasons and many others, our graduates are readily employed in hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, school, industries, and many other settings across the nation.

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