Safety & Security

CALL 443-8888 (X8888 ON CAMPUS)

Annual Security Report

Danville Area Community College faculty, staff, and administration place a high priority on providing and maintaining a safe campus. Numerous services and practices are in place to insure that DACC students and staff feel comfortable with respect to their personal safety and the security of their possessions when on campus.

Faculty and Staff Emergency Response Handbook

This handbook is intended for use by faculty, staff, and students of Danville Area Community College. It has been designed to provide a quick reference in cases of emergency. All employees should become familiar with its contents.

Active Shooter Preparedness

The training is targeted to reach a broad range of individuals, including managers and employees, so they can prepare to respond to an active shooter situation. 

AED Locations & Certified Users

DACC Employees with current AHA Heartsaver AED cards by location

Pandemic Flu Preparedness Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan

The Safety and Security Officer is responsible for taking the necessary steps in promoting and maintaining a safe environment for Danville Area Community College.

  • Provide safety and security through parking and traffic enforcement and routine patrol.
  • Monitor and maintain security surveillance systems on campus.
  • Conduct safety drills.
  • Investigate incidents on campus and work with local law enforcement to resolve matters of criminal nature.
  • Investigate complaints from students and visitors of incidents occurring on campus and relay pertinent information through proper administration.
  • Work with alarm monitoring company and fire safety system providers to ensure system safety checks are current.
  • Provide safety escorts to students, faculty, staff, and visitors upon request.
  • Enforce Parking Rules and Regulations
  • Provide security for events on campus:
    • Basketball Games
    • Campus and Community Events
  • Provide customer service and assistance to staff, students, and visitors with vehicle problems.
    • Jump Start Cars
    • Provide Lock-Out assistance
    • Assist with flat tires