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Please reach out to Recruitment & Student Engagement Specialist, Victoria Boothe (, with any questions.

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Student Trustee

Danville Area Community College has one advisory-voting member who is a student enrolled in the College under the jurisdiction of the DACC Board of Trustees.  The election for the Student Trustee is held in April by the student body.  Qualifications are published annually by the Secretary to the Board of Trustees.  The Student Trustee can be reached by calling 443-8850.

Holding Office

A student must be carrying six or more semester hours of work to hold an elected or appointed office in College organizations.  A student with less than a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 cannot hold office in any organization.  (See DACC Student Handbook for additional information.)

College Extra - Curricular Activities

There are a variety of campus clubs and organizations on campus. Each club or organization sponsors various activities throughout the academic year related to the interests of the members and the stated mission of the group. Students may contact the Coordinator of Recruitment & Student Engagement, Alexis Simmons, at 443-8593 or for more information regarding DACC clubs and organizations.

How to Form A Club/Organization

DACC recognizes the important role that campus clubs can play in developing students' personal and professional interests. Campus clubs and organizations may be formed by requesting official recognition from the College. To gain official recognition, the club or organization must take the following steps:

  1. Obtain a DACC faculty or staff advisor who is able to attend club meetings and participate in club sponsored activities.
  2. Identify at least five students who wish to form the club as charter members.
  3. Identify the name of the organization and criteria for membership.
  4. Write a Statement of Purpose which explains what unmet needs will be provided by the club or organization.
  5. State the proposed club activities.
  6. Describe the affiliation of the club or organization with any local, state, or national groups, if any, and provide a copy of that group’s constitution.
  7. Provide a roster of temporary officers.
  8. Provide contact information for the student representative and the faculty/staff advisor.

This information must be submitted in writing to the Coordinator of Recruitment & Student Engagement. They will determine the status of club recognition. Clubs which are officially recognized may request monetary support of $50.00 per year from the College.

Each campus club or organization is free to choose members upon the basis of individual merit. Any exclusion from membership shall be on the basis of published and justified criteria. Campus clubs, organizations, or their affiliates who discriminate against or exclude members on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, nationality, religion, or handicap will not be granted college recognition. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to generate income. Community involvement, including patron support in the form of advertisements, ticket sales, attendance, and contributions, is encouraged.

Some clubs/organizations may wish to develop a Constitution and By-Laws. This may be done before the organization is officially recognized or after.

Clubs may request support for special activities which promote the general welfare and community relations of the College. Requests for support for special activities should be directed to the Coordinator of Recruitment & Student Engagement.

Club communications and social media posts should be approved by the faculty/staff advisor, DACC College Relations, or the Coordinator of Recruitment & Student Engagement. The advisor should have access to all social media accounts related to the club/organization.

Scheduling Club/Organization Activities

On-campus club activities which require use of campus facilities must be scheduled through the appropriate DACC channels (such as the College’s room scheduling system or the Administrative Assistant to the Vice Executive President of Instruction & Student Services in VH, Room 202). If the organization advisor is not sure, please contact the Dean of Student Services (443-8746) for more information. Please call with your request well in advance (two weeks) of the activity, to be included in the College's Calendar of Events.

The club/organization's advisor, or an approved substitute, must attend all club functions. Depending upon anticipated attendance, an additional faculty/staff host may be required. Both the advisor and the host must be in attendance throughout the function, and are responsible for closing the function at the designated hour. Costs for additional security required may be billed to the club sponsoring the event.

Special speakers may be invited to address a club, organization, or student body. The club advisor should contact the Dean of Student Services or the Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services prior to inviting a speaker to obtain speaker approval and to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

ACTS Ministry Club

The purpose of ACTS Campus Ministry is twofold: 

1) to reinforce the faith of Christian youth attending DACC; and 

2) to provide for the students, faculty and staff a basis from which to learn about biblical teaching and the experience of the Apostolic faith. ACTS will provide on-campus Bible study meetings and social activities for DACC students, faculty and staff. 

For more information, contact Stephen & Brittany Scott at or 217-443-8800.

Association of Future Accountants

The DACC Accounting Club seeks to provide a social setting for DACC students that are interested in accounting and its career paths in order to increase the understanding and appreciation of the accounting profession. 

Advisor Brian Fink can be reached at

All Star Jaguars

This new student organization puts students in the role of DACC brand ambassadors. “Not a model, but a model student.” Be a model for the college’s promotional materials, post college content on multiple social media channels (including Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more), volunteer at student engagement and recruitment events, and more! Each year, interested students must submit an application for consideration. Potential candidates will be invited to a casting call, which is a group interview that includes teamwork and leadership scenarios and tasks. This organization is considered a job and students will be compensated for their time. 

Contact Lara Conklin for more information at


The athletic program of a community college is a meaningful part of the total offerings of the institution. Danville Area Community is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association. DACC’s men’s athletic teams include basketball, baseball, cross country, and golf. DACC’s women’s athletic teams include basketball, cross country, golf, and softball. A large percentage of DACC athletics continue on to four year colleges on athletic scholarships. Student participation is governed by eligibility rules set forth by the above-named organizations and rules of DACC.

Competition includes community colleges and freshmen-sophomore teams of four-year colleges and universities. Each team competes in the regional at the conclusion of their season. There are athletic scholarships available in all sports. 

Contact Athletic Director Tim Bunton at 217-443-8551 or

Athletic information can also be found at

Association of Future Health Information Management Professionals

The Association of Future Health Information Management (HIM) Professionals is organized to provide both networking and educational opportunities for HIM students. The purpose of the association is to assist HIM students in meeting their commitment to excellence in the HIM field and to provide education for the benefit of students, patients, and providers. Its mission is to introduce health information students to professional practices and standards through education and networking with other HIM associations. Activities will include monthly meetings for networking, supporting local, state and national HIM associations by volunteering, supporting HIM departments by providing education, and developing a mentoring program. 

Contact Marcie Wright for more information at or 217-443-8574.

Cheerleading Squad

The Cheerleading Squad supports the men’s basketball team at home games and some away games. The Squad is open to both male and female students. Students interested in becoming a member of the Squad should contact the DACC Athletic Director at 217-443-8551 or Mary Miller, Room 307.

College Singers

This organization affords students the opportunity to participate in a chorale ensemble for mixed voices and at the same time earn up to four hours of humanities credit through enrollment in MUSI 152, College Singers. The Chorale Ensemble performs at a limited number of campus and community events. Some participating students will also be eligible for partial tuition waivers. 

For more information contact Eric Simonson (Music Professor) by e-mailing


The DACC PACC (also referred to as “The PACC”) is the College’s official student athletics fan section. Join a group of passionate Jaguar fans and cheer on fellow students in DACC’s 7 NJCAA sports - men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s baseball, and women’s softball. Participation includes free swag, food, and fun events at all athletic functions. 

For more information, contact Alexis Simmons at

DJ Club

If you love music, want to be employable anywhere, and make some extra cash, DJ Club is for you. Learn from DACC’s resident DJ, Guido Esteves, who will teach you how to use a turntable, choose the right music based on the crowd/event, and how to combine beats and sounds to make any playlist bumpin’. 

Contact Guido Esteves for more information at

DACC Starving Artists

DACC's Starving Artists is a club for those interested in the visual arts regardless of major and talent base. It is a think tank for those with individual projects; a collective group for art oriented community and campus activities; a resource for materials, fellowship, enlightenment, and awareness; and an avenue to show one's work through fundraisers, galleries and art competitions. 

For information please contact faculty advisor and art instructor Ronnie Johnson at 217-443-8869 or

Danville Symphony Orchestra

The orchestra is open to students who qualify by audition and carries one hour of humanities credit per semester for students who enroll in MUSI 151, Orchestra. Up to four hours of credit may be earned. 

For more information contact Eric Simonson (Music Instructor) by e-mailing

Environmental Club

The purpose of this club is to educate the student body on current and emerging sustainable technologies and to create awareness across campus and within the community about sustainability. 

Interested students should contact Amanda Krabbe at or at 217-443-8793.


DACC eSports is a college organization open to all full & part time students, employees, alumni and anyone affiliated with the college. We offer all levels of video gameplay and competition from season long NJCAA tournaments, to casual/social play. Members are allowed access to the DACC eSports lab located in the basement of the Clock Tower building. Scholarships are available. 

Contact Guido Esteves for more information at


Preparing African American males for skilled employment opportunities through higher education. The program prepares the student for academic success by introducing them to available services through student orientation, online learning orientation, and interest assessments. The program focuses on learning about services through interaction with Financial Aid, Counseling, Business Office, Division Deans, Career Services, Student Support Services, Vermilion County Works, and the DACC Foundation. During the semester, students attend check-in meetings and tutoring sessions throughout the school year for progress monitoring. Additional support services such as mentoring from successful second-year students, attending field trips, and touring local business and industry facilities. DACC partners with local organizations to provide additional resources, as needed. 

Contact JR Scruggs at 217-443-8876 or for more information.

PAS Chapter (formerly AG Club)

Professional Agricultural Students, formerly the AG Club, is for students in the Ag AAS degree and the Transfer agriculture program. It was designed to implement a student organization which would function to enhance student leadership skills and assist in the comprehension and promotion of the agriculture community. The goals of DACC’s PAS Chapter are to promote leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and agriculture. PAS operates the DACC Land Lab, sponsors and Annual Farm Toy Show and arranges for the annual Ag Day each spring, which brings approximately 3,000 people to the campus. PAS members are also able to compete in collegiate contests. 

For additional information contact Brandy Marron at 217-443-8713 or

Pep Band

DACC offers the Pep Band opportunity to students who wish to participate in the performing arts. Students may also earn humanities credit for participation in the DACC Pep Band. Some participating students will also be eligible for partial tuition waivers. 

For more information contact Guido Esteves by emailing

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

Established in 1918, Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 1.3 million members and 1100 chapters located in the United States and around the world. In 1929, the American Association of Community Colleges recognized Phi Theta Kappa as the official honor society for two-year colleges. The society’s programs center on four hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service. The complement of services, innovative programs, and membership benefits offered by Phi Theta Kappa today are unequaled among honor societies.

Both part-time and full-time students, and international students may be eligible for membership. Membership requires completion of at least 12 hours of college credit coursework and a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.50. DACC’s Pi Omega Chapter is very active and has won several awards at both the regional and international levels. 

For more information or to join, please contact Ronnie Johnson at at 217-443-8869, or visit Phi Theta Kappa International's web site at

Power House Campus Ministry

The purpose of Power House Collegian Ministry is to facilitate the discovery, building, and maintenance of a relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This student organization endeavors to assist in the construction of this relationship by buttressing students with four pillars: Fellowship, Discipleship, Edification, and Evangelism. The organization and members are interested in providing activities that encourage Christian knowledge, devotion, personal betterment and a sense of community. It hosts such activities as discussion groups that examine academic disciplines from a Christian perspective, support groups in adjusting to the college environment, educational workshops ranging from financial recovery to personal recovery, and presentations relating to the foundation of Christian Beliefs, biblical culture, and understanding among denominations. This organization also hosts various activities and field trips which are open to the DACC students in hopes of serving the student body, developing relationships, and providing recreational activities. 

Please contact Marcie Wright at for more information.

Rad Tech Club

The Rad Tech Club was established in 2005 for students enrolled in the Radiologic Technology Associates Degree program at Danville Area Community College. This campus organization is primarily interested in facilitating participation in radiologic technology conferences to expand our student’s knowledge of the field. The Club also has a community service component and assists in organizing a student social function at program completion. 

Tammy Howard, Director of Radiology Technology Program, is the advisor and she may be contacted by emailing

Student Veterans of America (SVA) "Jaguar Chapter"

The Jaguar Chapter at Danville Area Community College is a member of Student Veterans of America, a coalition of student veterans’ groups on campuses across the United States. The SVA works to develop new student groups, coordinate between the groups, and advocate for student veterans on the national, state, and local level. The Jaguar Chapter builds a peer-to-peer network among DACC student veterans, acts as a liaison between veterans and the staff/faculty, and holds functions to promote veterans, the school, and the community. 

To join, contact staff advisor Nick Catlett at

Technology Club

The Tech Club provides free computer repair and purchase consultation to DACC students and staff. The club will do PC tune up, address malware problems, repair broken screens and fix virus troubles. They meet on Fridays in TC from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. For more information, please contact Jeff Wise at 217-554-2468 or

TRIO Leadership Ambassadors

Students chosen as TRIO Leadership Ambassadors will participate in professional development and leadership activities that lead to becoming representatives for DACC’s TRIO Student Support Services Program and its mission. To be a TRIO Leadership Ambassador, an applicant must be at least a continuing TRIO participant with at least one more semester before graduating. Students must maintain, a minimum grade point average of 2.0. The Ambassadors will be expected to participate in activities hosted by the TRIO Student Support Services Program.

Interested TRIO participants should contact the TRIO office at 217-443-8898 or stop by CH-113.

Vermilion Festival Chorus

This is a community chorale group open to DACC students. The group meets weekly for practices and performs scheduled concerts for the community of major choral works. Students may earn one hour of humanities credit per semester by enrolling in MUSI 150. Up to four credit hours may be earned. 

For more information contact Eric Simonson (Music Instructor) by e-mailing

Waiting for Rain (Publication)

Waiting for Rain is an annual joint publication of the writing and art programs in the Liberal Arts division at Danville Area Community College. The journal, which is staffed by volunteer students, strives to present the best prose, poetry, essays, photography and artwork from DACC's students, faculty and staff. The journal is produced over the summer and is published in the fall semester of each academic year. For information on how to submit written pieces to Waiting for Rain please contact co-faculty advisor Marla Jarmer (217-443-8820,

For information on how to submit photography and artwork to the journal, please contact co-faculty advisor Ronnie Johnson (217-443-8869,