Liberal Arts Division

Liberal Arts Division

Mission Statement

To inspire the development and evaluation of historical, scientific, and reflective knowledge, and challenge students to be critical thinkers on a diverse and global scale to communicate well, to clarify values, and to appreciate aesthetics and the fine arts.  Liberal Arts instruction strives not only for the appreciation, but also the application of information and skills to encourage awareness, creativity, and problem solving for our students and the community.

Career Programs

Located in the Clock Tower Center, the Liberal Arts Division is the largest academic division on campus, encompassing both transfer baccalaureate and career program offerings in the humanities, communications and social sciences.

Liberal Arts humanities offerings include survey courses in humanities, foreign language, literature, music, and the arts.  Communications offerings encompass rhetoric, technical writing, creative writing, media, and speech.  Social Sciences courses include anthropology, criminology, geography, education, history, psychology, political science, sociology, and social work.

Career programs in Liberal Arts include Education and Public Safety.  The Education Program offers Associates in Applied Science (A.A.S) degrees in Early Childhood Education and paraprofessional educator (teaching assistant) degrees in Early Childhood and  K-12.  Public Safety associates degree programs  include the Law Enforcement Program to train police officers, and  Corrections for officers in prisons/jails or in probation/parole work, and the Fire Science Program to train fire fighters and managers.  These programs also offer shorter term certificates.

Career programs in:

Criminal Justice    
Fire Science          

Writing Center

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Liberal Arts Division Faculty

Dr. Penny J. McConnell

Lead Professors
Ted Gallagher, Composition
Rich Pate, Social Science

Kelly Alvarez
Jamie Berthel
Stefanie Davis
Ted Gallagher
Chuck Hantz
Greg Holden
Marla Jarmer
Ronnie Johnson
Maurice Miller
Ryan Minier
Richard Pate
Eric Simonson
Rickey Williams
Ryan Wyckoff

Louis Ballard
David Brosi
Jason Brown
Roland Brown
Michael Denhart
Greg Duckett
Ron Eltzeroth
Nina Finchum
Rita Frerichs
Todd Gallagher
Tamon Green
Tom Gregory
Kathleen Hantz
Eric High
John High, Sr.
Tony Hynes

Mike Kleppin
Phillip Langley
Ruth Lindemann
Jane McFadden
Dan Milligan
Cody Oakwood
Terry Patterson
Michael Pemberton
Dan Reed
Dave Schroeder
Priscilla Small
Jon Spors
Judy Steffen
Jeremy Swerling
Judy Turner
Judith Watkins
Mary Wicoff

Administrative Assistant
Suzanna Aguirre

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