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Academic assessment at DACC is a process which engages faculty in designing more effective teaching strategies. We aim to use these strategies to create meaningful learning experiences for our students and ultimately lead them in becoming life-long learners.

For questions concerning the DACC assessment process, please contact:
Natalie Page, Director of Academic Assessment

For questions concerning the DACC institutional assessment and effectiveness, please contact:
Thomas Carey

For division specific questions you may contact the DACC Assessment Champions:
Business and Technology:Jenn Slavik
Liberal Arts and Developmental Education: Ryan Wyckoff
Math, Sciences and Health Professions: Wendy Brown
Department of Corrections: McKenna Allison,
Dual Credit: Stefanie Davis (transfer courses).

rubrics, forms, and due dates
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DACC Co-Curricular Outcomes

Competence in Communications

Learners express themselves clearly and concisely (written or oral format).
Learners gather information from communicating with others.

Competence in Critical Inquiry and Problem Solving

Learners evaluate information for use in answering a question or developing an argument.
Learners seek information to solve problems.

Competence in Teamwork

Learners demonstrate professional work habits.
Learners utilize reflection to improve their work and work environment.
Learners maintain positive working relationships.
Learners demonstrate leadership and teambuilding skills.

Competence in Personal Development

Learners develop goals.
Learners incorporate strategies for managing their resources.

Competence in Navigating Processes

Learners demonstrate technological literacy and skills.
Learners utilize information, resources, and technology to navigate college systems or processes.

Co-Curricular Assessment Manual
Outlines the process and how to use the assessment forms for DACC Co-Curricular Assessment.

Co-Curricular Outcome Cycle

New Cycle Beginning Fall 2020
Communications—Year 5
Critical Inquiry—Year 4
Teamwork & Professionalism—Year 2
Personal Development—Year 3
Navigating Processes—Year 1 & 4

Co-Curricular Assessment Forms and Due Dates

Co-Curricular Report

Co-Curricular Report  Due on the 15th of the last month of assessment semester
(May 15, August 15, or December 15)
Download the report form to plan your assessment. 
Also download the corresponding rubric for your assessment.
Rubrics and Report submitted together to the Assessment Director.

Co-Curricular Rubrics

Navigating Processes
Teamwork & Professionalism
Personal Development
Critical Inquiry

Co-Curricular Pilot Examples

One-page quick guides to aid in creating your assessment
Writing Measurable Objectives

Assessment Basics

Designing Assessment Tools

Bloom’s Taxonomy

One-page quick guides to aid in creating your assessment
Resources to help in your assessment planning.