Bachelor Degree Completion

Bachelor Degree Completion

Bachelor's Degrees: Local, Affordable, Now

Get an Associate degree and a Bachelor's degree without leaving Danville - all for under $30,000.

3 + 1 Agreements:

Bachelor's Programs at DACC with Franklin University

Bachelor's in Nursing with Eastern Illinois University

Bachelor's & Masters with Indiana Wesleyan University

3 + 1 Brochure

Danville Area Community College strives to provide a wide range of choices for students who ultimately wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree.  Partnerships and agreements with four-year universities in the region and online allow students to complete two years of course work at DACC, and then transfer those credits towards a bachelor’s degree at a partner institution.  As college costs soar across the country, it’s comforting to know that an affordable, high-quality college education is available in the local community.