Application Deadline is March 15.

Echocardiography-Advanced Certificate

This certificate is granted to those students who successfully complete the career curriculum that is Echocardiography.

Echocardiography is the use of sound waves to generate images for the assessment and diagnosis of various heart conditions. Echocardiographers must possess knowledge of anatomy, physiology, ultrasound instrumentation/physics and patient care.

Echocardiography is part of a rapidly expanding health care industry with excellent job opportunities. This profession is expected to grow even more as the population ages and physicians/patients seek alternate imaging procedures.

Job/Employment Information:

Graduates are immediately employed as echocardiographers primarily in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and physician’s offices. Career opportunities also exist in administration, education, sales and marketing and applications training for echocardiographers with more advanced degrees.

The median salary for echocardiographers is $68,750 - $76,000.

Wage information: Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS)

Employment Projections:

To learn more about the opportunities that await you in Echocardiography contact:

Tammy Howard, Director of Medical Imaging
Danville Area Community College
Phone: 217.443.8552
Jamie Moreland, Instructor in Echocardiography
Danville Area Community College
Phone: 217.554.1659