Getting Started (FAQ)

Online Assessment System for Internet Students (OASIS)

OASIS is an online readiness assessment designed for students considering an online course. The site includes two self assessments that help students think about their readiness for and perceptions of online learning and studying. Completing the survey provides the student with personalized feedback and tips for successfully approaching online learning. The results also generate a unique URL that the student can save to access their feedback again later or share it with an advisor or instructor.

Take the Online Assessment

Prospective online students: Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I comfortable on the computer and on the Internet?
Your coursework and learning will rely heavily on Web research, so you need to be familiar with using search engines, online databases, and locating information in general.

Do I have time to commit to an online course?
Online courses are attractive because of their flexibility and convenience - but keep in mind that they require a significant time commitment, often 10-12 hours a week.

Am I a motivated self-learner?
Flexibility makes it easy to procrastinate. Make sure you can manage your time, prioritize, and work independently. Be your own cheerleader!

Still not sure?
Try taking a short elective. This will introduce you to online learning but without requiring a major commitment of time and energy. See how you like it, and if it works for you, take some more courses!

Additional Resources / Readiness Tests:
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