Cost of Attendance 2022

Cost of Attendance 2022

The budget below represents an estimated cost to attend this college for an In-District Rate. It is based on a 9-month school year and premise that the student will be attending full-time.

The two budgets represent one for the Independent student and the other for the Dependent student with parent(s).

The budget includes direct costs (tuition, fees and estimated books) for In-District rates and in-direct costs (housing, travel and miscellaneous). These cost vary by individual student and Do Not reflect what is due to the college that is stated on your college billing statement that you will be issued each semester and will have a Bill Due date.

  Dependent Independent
Tuition & Fees* $5,250 $5,250
Room & Board*** $1,800 $3,600
Books** $700 $700
Travel $1,900 $1,900
Miscellaneous $1,575 $1,575
Totals $11,225 $13,025

*Tuition Rate x 30 credit hours ($150 and Fee Rate x 30 credit hours ($25)) and per course

**Average Books & Supplies cost comparison by program

***Average per area housing ($325-month Dependent, $550 month Independent)

Miscellaneous Personal expenses averaged at $220 per month

Travel - average of 100 miles per 32 weeks at $.58 per mile

Please refer to your online student account, the Self-Service, in the Student Financial Aid section choosing Award Notice or the Shopping Sheet.

You can access the Tuition Table for all rates at