Rad Tech Grading Scale and Graduation Requirements

Rad Tech Grading Scale and Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory Progress

Students are required to make satisfactory progress by earning a grade of C or better in each major (RDTC) course and general education course (BIOL 136 and 137, PHYS 141, MATH 108, ENGL 101, SPCH 101, PSYC 100 or their equivalents and the humanities elective). A student who receives an unsatisfactory grade in an RDTC course during the term of the professional program cannot remain enrolled in the program. Students are allowed one re-test for a failed lab practical for the entire two-year program. A second failure within any class lab practical will result in a failing grade in that class and dismissal from the program.


93%-100% = A
84%-92% = B
75%-83% = C
66%-74% = D
Below 66% = F

Graduation Requirements

Danville Area Community College Radiography Program is a competency-based program, completed in 24 months. A radiography student is eligible for graduation only after meeting the following criteria:

  • Candidates for graduation must complete a formal “Intent to Graduate” during their second Fall semester.
  • Successful completion by attaining a minimum 75% grade of all required didactic and clinical courses.
  • Completion of all required clinical education requirements.
  • Completion of any make-up clinical hours.
  • Payment of all tuition, graduation and other fees and/or fines.
  • Return of dosimeter.