Glossary of Workplace Terms

Glossary of Workplace Terms

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Glossary of Workforce Terms

CBO: Community based organization—generally, non-profit organizations that provide social and other services for the local communities. WIA requires CBO membership on Local Boards.

CEO: The Chief Elected Official is the Local Elected Official which Vermilion County designates to act on their behalf.

DCFS: Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

DOL, USDOL: United States Department of Labor, the federal department which regulates and funds WIA activities.

ETA: The USDOL’s: Employment and Training Administration, the wing of DOL, with direct WIA responsibility.

GED: General Equivalency Diploma (equal to a high school diploma).

IDES: Illinois Department of Employment Security administers several mandatory One-Stop programs including unemployment insurance, employment service, labor market information and veteran services.

IETA: Illinois Employment and Training Association, a professional association for Illinois workforce development professionals.

IETP: Illinois Employment and Training Partnership.

LMA: Labor Market Area.

LMI: Labor market Information, labor related information about unemployment, industries, occupations, etc.

MSFW: Migrant/Seasonal farm worker.

NAB: National Alliance of Business, an important advocacy organization in the workforce development arena.

ORS: Office of Rehabilitative Services: A branch of the Illinois Department of Human Services, ORS administers vocational rehabilitation programs in Illinois; as such, it is a mandatory One-Stop partner.

DHS, TANF: Temporary Assistance to Needy Families/Department of Human Services.

WIB: Workforce Investment Board, the local governance board for WIA programs. The local board will be called the Vermilion County Investment Board. Workforce Investment Act of 1998WIA: Congress passed this Act in August 1998 to replace the federal Job Training Partnership Act. The act establishes local one-stop delivery systems of a series of federally funded workforce investment boards to govern them. Workforce Investment Area: The statutory term for service areas under WIA, the emerging term and acronym for common usage is Local Workforce Area (LWIA).

WTW: Welfare-to-Work, a series of federal and state initiatives to move people from the welfare rolls into employment and subsequent training for better jobs.

MSFW: Means a migrant farm worker, a migrant processing worker, or a seasonal worker.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): Establishes a Transitional Adjustment Assistance for workers in companies affected by imports from Mexico or Canada or by shifts of U.S. production to those countries.

On-the-Job Training: Training provided by an employer to an employee who is engaged in productive work.

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA): Trade Adjustment Assistance service and allowances provided for achieving re-employment of adversely affected workers, including TRA, training, and other re-employment services, and job search allowances and relocation allowances.

Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA): A weekly allowance payable to an affected worker with respect to such worker’s unemployment.

Unemployment Insurance (UI): In Illinois, the UI provides temporary and partial wage replacement to workers that have become unemployed through no fault of their own. It helps stabilize Illinois economy by maintaining some of the purchasing power of workers who have lost their jobs.