Engineering as a Career

Engineering as a Career

Engineering allows you to find creative solutions to the challenges facing our society. Within engineering there are basic classifications for jobs that are common across the various engineering disciplines. Research Engineers explore fundamental principles of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics. Development engineers use the knowledge acquired by researchers and apply it to a specific product. Testing engineers are responsible for designing and implementing tests to verify the integrity of a product. Design engineers are responsible for providing the detailed specifications of the product. Manufacturing engineers develop the processes for turning new material into a finished product. Other types of employment for engineers include maintenance, technical support, sales, consulting and management.

In addition to the types or classifications of jobs there are multiple engineering disciplines such as mechanical, agricultural, civil, aerospace, electrical, computer, biomedical and much more. Employment for engineers is extremely diverse. The beauty of engineering is that you can literally be training for anything. It is not uncommon to train in one engineering discipline yet work in another. For example, several alumni trained as electrical engineers are working as mechanical engineers.

Jobs are available in industry, transportation management, research firms, law firms, aerospace companies, agricultural industries, architectural firms, hospitals, power plants, petroleum companies, governmental agencies, etc.

Expected Salary Range? The most current salary information is available at the Illinois Department of Employment Security website. To find engineering statistics simply type “engineer” in the search box and press enter.

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