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Policies & Procedures

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This Manual sets forth the policies approved by the Board of Trustees of Community College District No. 507. The Manual is to be used by Trustees, College personnel, students, and the public for the conduct of relationships and responsibilities relative to the operation of the College.

The policies contained in this Manual supersede and cancel all policies previously adopted by the Board and/or contained in College publications which bear an earlier date than the policies contained herein.

Board policies shall become effective immediately upon adoption by the Board. The official Minutes of the Board are considered an extension of this Manual and subsequent actions of record shall, in case of conflict, take precedence over the policies contained herein.

Suggestions for changes are encouraged. These should be submitted in writing to the Office of the President for consideration by the appropriate committees and/or councils. Recommendations which require the adoption of a new policy or the revision of existing policy will be brought to the Board by the President.

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