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Students take courses at DACC (day or night), online, or at the high school, during their high school day. Courses are transfer and career oriented.

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14+ Career Programs offered inn partnership with the high schools and VVEDS. Students are transported to DACC for classes.

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Pre-Engineering program; courses are on DACC campus.

What is Middle College?

Middle College (MC) is a high-school dropout prevention program whose goal is to take students who are at-risk of dropping out and support them on their way to high school completion. Middle College began as a grant-partnership supported by Vermilion Healthcare Foundation and DACC in 2009.

How Does It Work?

Students actually take all of their classes at DACC but are still a student of their home high school. When they start, they take entrance tests like any other college student and then classes are filled based on the credits needed for graduation. Every student has their own schedule just like a college student. All students go their own way but once a day all MC students are in the same place at the same time for their core class. That is one of the most important goals of Middle College - to prevent the student from dropping and becoming another statistic.

Why Does This Work?

Intensive Case Management and partnerships. That is what makes the difference. We have a very tight team and everyone knows their role. We take a holistic approach and believe in the wrap around process, and this most definitely means the parent or legal guardian has to be on board.

How Do Students Sign Up?

All applicants must be recommended by their home High School and they make the enrollment decision. If a student is recommended they will then go through an interview process with the Middle College team to determine if they are a good fit for the program.

The Middle College Office is located in Prairie Hall, Room 203 and can be reached at 217-443-8876.