Coordinated Engineering Program

Coordinated Engineering Program

Math, Sciences & Health Professions
Associates in Engineering Science

Contact: Mark Hardwidge,

The Coordinated Engineering Program offers an Associates in Engineering Sciences (AES) degree.  This degree provides basic training in the foundational building blocks of engineering:  Physics and Mathematics.  Studies are conducted in general areas as a preparation for a number of fields of advanced specialized study.  This program is designed as a transfer program and completing it provides flexible transfer to desired colleges and universities.

Engineering contains a large number of job opportunities.  Specialties include aerospace, agricultural, automotive, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, drafting, electrical, environmental, geological, marine, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, and software engineering.  Our graduates work is a wide ranges of fields including controls design for satellites and drones.  Designing structures and mechanical design for NASA cars and particle accelerators. The possibilities are truly endless.

Program Goals

  • Students will demonstrate an appropriate level of competence in technology through use of common computer programs to complete course and/or lab assignments.
  • Students will effectively participate in team projects in which the students may practice skills such as defining roles, planning projects, developing reports, and evaluating effectiveness of team work.
  • Students will exhibit critical thinking skills by way of scientific reasoning.
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills including use of proper symbolic expressions and arguments, relevant vocabulary, and appropriate support for claims.
  • Content specific outcomes can be found in the course syllabus for each course.

Scholarship Program
Engineers for Tomorrow (EFT) is a scholarship opportunity which is offered in partnership with Vermilion Advantage.  This program provides students, who attend DACC, with 1/3 tuition to a  select choice of colleges.  With some colleges an additional 1/3 tuition waiver is provided. The student is placed into paid internships by Vermilion Advantage during the summer and breaks.  After graduation Vermilion Advantage will assist with job placement.  Graduates are expected to work within the county for two years.  Application are accepted at any time (high school through DACC attendance). To apply contact Vermilion Advantage at 217-442-6201.