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6032.0  Retention of College Records

Source documents regarding data will be retained for the period of time as required for auditing purposes and as required by any state or federal regulation. The documents will be stored in a manner allowing for safekeeping and reasonable availability.


The length of time each document is retained according to the Danville Area Community College, State, and/or Federal requirements is indicated below:

One Year
Job Resumes and Applications

Two Years
Student Registration Receipts

Three Years
Cash Receipts
Credit Hour Grant
Equalization Grant
Special Population Grant
Economic Development Grant
Advanced Technology Grant
Retirees Health Insurance Grant
Labor Management Council Grant
Carl Perkins Grant
Technology Challenge Grant
Small Business Development Center Grant

Five Years
Paid Voucher File
Bank Reconciliations/Statements
Cash Reports
Vendor Alphabetic File
Financial Aid Records

Seven Years
Computer Reports
Adult Education ISBE and SOS Records
JTPA Client File Records
JTPA Fiscal Records
JTPA DCCA Program Grants

Ten Years
Written Contracts
Bonds and Bond Coupons (from recall date)

Twenty Years
Record of Payment of judgments against the College
Personnel Files (full-time and continuing part-time)

Audit Reports
Fiscal Year-End Reports to ICCB
Certificate of Monthly Expenditures, Payroll and Invoices
Annual Published Budget
Treasurer's Annual Report
Student Academic Transcripts

Adopted: 7-28-92