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4060.0  Conflict of Interest – Employee Policy

Employees should be sensitive to situations, which could be perceived as potential or apparent conflicts between personal interests and the College’s interest.  Danville Area Community College employees shall avoid any conflict between their personal interest and the interests of the College in dealing with vendors, contractors, students, or any organization or individual seeking to do business with the College.

A full-time employee may not contract with the College as a vendor, as either an individual or through a business capacity other than normal reimbursement for materials used except for employees assigned as college athletic officials by the applicable athletic governing body.  Additionally, a business that a full-time employee has a financial interest in may not contract with the College as a vendor.  This prohibition applies regardless of the value of the contract.

In regard to selective admissions programs, faculty and staff participating in the admissions process for students shall recuse themselves in any case where they have, or appear to have, a conflict of interest concerning the applicant.

Adopted: 2-24-15