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4057.1  Vehicle Usage

The College shall establish Procedures for the operation of College and personal vehicles used for College Business.


College-owned and rented vehicles are available to provide authorized transportation for College personnel, students, and guests and are also used for transporting equipment and other items. Any individual driving College-owned or rented vehicle must provide the Coordinator, Campus Services, his/her driver's license for duplication.

All drivers and passengers must wear seat belts. Smoking is not allowed in any College vehicle. Any individual who is driving a vehicle on College-related business or who has been afforded the opportunity to drive a College-owned or rented vehicle for use other than College-related business must possess a valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle used. Vehicles may include a car, van, snowplow, truck, etc. The driver of any personal vehicle or College vehicle on College business who has his/her driver's license suspended or revoked must immediately notify the Director of Human Resources.

Preferably, College vehicles should be driven by Danville Area Community College employees. However, there may be some situations in which other persons may be authorized to operate College vehicles. In these instances, an Administrator or one of the Coaching staff must approve the individual to operate College vehicles.

Drivers are to observe all traffic regulations, to be responsible for all driving and/or parking violations and to take good care of the vehicles. Maintenance and cleanliness of the vehicles on the trip are the responsibility of the driver and vehicles should be returned in good condition.

When College vehicles are not available, staff members are encouraged to use their personal vehicles and request reimbursement, or to use commercial transportation. Drivers of personal vehicles driven on College-related business are required to possess automobile liability insurance.

Driver's license status requests will be made annually to the Office of Secretary of State by the Director of Human Resources for individuals in the following positions:

  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches
  • Coordinator of Campus Services
  • Dean of Student Services
  • Director of Admissions and Records
  • Director of Athletics
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director, Job Training Program
  • Director of Marketing and College Relations
  • Director of Physical Plant
  • Groundskeeper/Painter
  • Individuals employed in the Truck Driver Program
  • Maintenance Mechanics
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Ornamental Horticulture Technician
  • President
  • Supervisor, Building Services Attendants
  • Training Accounts Specialist, Corporate and Community Education
  • Training Specialist, Corporate and Community Education
  • Director, Administrative Services Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President for Instruction
The President or his/her designee may, from time to time, designate additional positions and individuals subject to an annual driver's license status request.

Adopted: 4-10-01

Revised: 9-21-06