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4055.1  Employee Discipline for Unapproved Leave

An employee is expected to be at work and on time unless excused through an approved leave by his/her supervisor.


Effective February 1, 2006, an employee who has exhausted his/her sick leave, personal business leave, and vacation leave (if applicable) and who is not otherwise eligible for Board approved leave, may receive progressive disciplinary action as follows:

1st day of unapproved leave: Verbal Warning

2nd day of unapproved leave: Written Warning

3rd day of unapproved leave: 3 day disciplinary layoff without pay.

4th day of unapproved leave: 10 day disciplinary layoff without pay.

5th day of unapproved leave: Termination

Disciplinary action shall be progressive over said employeeÆs full time and/or continuing part-time employment history.

Adopted: 12-13-05