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4041.0  Personnel Records

All official personnel records shall be kept and preserved permanently and shall be kept by the Personnel Office.

Personnel records shall be held in confidence, with access limited to the Personnel Office, the individual employee (with exception of confidential credential documents), the Board Secretary, and the current supervising administrator. Requests by other persons or agencies for information, other than public employee information contained in an employee's personnel file, will not be honored unless the employee has signed a permissive release specifying what is to be released and to whom, or the information is subpoenaed by the courts.

Pursuant to a written request, employees are permitted to inspect and copy (at their expense) any material contained in their personnel file two times per year. Under applicable law, there are some personnel documents which employees do not have a right to inspect. Records excluded from inspection include, but are not limited to, letters of reference, test documents (other than the score itself), materials relating to management planning, and personal information about other people. Records that are subject to a judicial proceeding and investigatory or security records relating to criminal activity are also excluded.

Adopted: 7-28-92