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4028.1  Position Statement on Inclusion

Danville Area Community College provides access to a broad spectrum of quality educational opportunities and life experiences. DACC values diversity as an enhancement of those experiences, in its classrooms, administrative offices, and board room. The College is committed to policies that promote fairness and inclusion for all in the life of the College. As a reflection of the College's commitment, the DACC Board of Trustees strives to promote fairness and inclusion in all policies and practices of the College.

The College should be free to pursue standards and policies that allow it to fulfill its diversity vision. The students who are educated will help provide tomorrow's leaders, and their College experience must demonstrate the richness and substance of our diverse, multi-cultural and global environment. The College environment should promote understanding and appreciation of others, while encouraging students to grow as individuals.

In accord with this philosophy, the DACC Board expects the Community College to continually evaluate its hiring, admissions, and financial aid policies to ensure diversity and equal access within the institution. The College should ensure that the results of these evaluations conform to the concept of open access -- the cornerstone of the community college mission.

A community college is, in effect, a microcosm of our greater society. As such, it should encourage and enhance the fullest understanding of human rights and responsibilities and should teach the skills that allow students to effectively participate in a democratic society. The College is responsible for creating opportunities for all within the College community to interact with understanding, tolerance, and respect for others. In this way, diversity in education not only serves as a model for the world at large, but it also helps perpetuate social harmony for the future.

Adopted: 3-25-03