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Most efforts to improve community college student outcomes involve relatively small innovations or changes at the margins.  After more than a decade of experience, Achieving the Dream has learned that improving student success on a substantial scale requires colleges to engage in bold, holistic, sustainable institutional change.

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Introducing ATD’s Equity Toolkit

At a time when the nation is becoming more diverse and colleges are working harder than ever to close equity gaps in educational and post-completion outcomes, ATD is pleased to announce its newest publication: The Equity Toolkit: A Research-Based Guide to Operationalizing Equity.

Designed to Support Strategic Action

This new publication provides a systematic approach and comprehensive resources and tools to help colleges evaluate and transform current policies and practices and to dismantle barriers that hinder underserved, marginalized, and minoritized students on their journey to credential completion.

Based on eight equity principles for transformation, the toolkit distills ATD’s two decades of experience, research, and lessons learned from its work with community colleges across the country in creating more equitable institutions that help students complete college and find careers that pay family-sustaining wages.