Title IX Prevention and Education for Students

Title IX Prevention and Education for Students

The College will review on an ongoing basis, its sexual discrimination, harassment and misconduct prevention and education programming to ensure students and employees are provided substantive opportunities to learn about sexual discrimination, harassment and misconduct, including primary prevention, bystander intervention, risk reduction, consent, reporting methods, relevant College policies and procedures, retaliation, survivor-centered and trauma-informed response, relevant definitions, and other pertinent topics.

The College, in conjunction with its community-wide Sexual Assault Response Task Force established pursuant to the Campus Security Enhancement Act of 2008 (110 ILCS 12/10), will annually review its prevention and education offerings to identify ways in which to enhance its effectiveness.

DACC students are also encouraged to complete the free, online training modules available through the College's partnership with Safe Colleges. The modules may be accessed through the Current Students webpage (https://www.dacc.edu/currentstudents) under the Student Development & Training heading.

The following modules are related to Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education:

  • Bystander Intervention for Students
  • Campus SaVE Act for Students – Sexual Violence Awareness
  • Creating a Respectful Campus for LGBTQ+ Students
  • Intimate Partner Violence for Students