Tobacco-Free Campus Student Survey

Tobacco-Free Campus Student Survey

Student Survey Fall 2011- Results

Student Perceptions of Smoking, Tobacco Use on Campus, and a Tobacco-Free Campus

This survey was completed by a total of 350 students in a cross-section of classes on DACC campus during the Fall/2011 semester. Students in various classes took the survey, and every effort was taken to represent students from all areas of the campus. The following are the results of the survey, with a 5% margin of error. Further surveys will be done in future semesters to gather more information regarding student perceptions on smoking and tobacco use on campus.

Question 1: Second hand smoke is smoke from someone else’s cigarette, cigar, or pope that you breathe. How often would you say you are exposed to second hand smoke on campus?

11.6%   A few times a day
21%      Everyday
20.7%   A few times a week
12.7%   A few times a month
33.2%   Less than that or never
0.8%     Unanswered

Question 2: Do you have any allergy/sensitivity (ie. Asthma, sneezing, watery eyes, etc.) that are triggered by exposure to tobacco smoke?

24.3 %   Yes
75.7%     No

Question 3: Would you say second hand smoke on campus typically bothers you a lot, a little, or not at all?

18.4%   A lot
36.8%   A little
44.3%   Not at all
0.5%     Unanswered

Question 4: Would you say that tobacco use in the form of smokeless or spit tobacco typically bothers you a lot, a little, or not at all?

16.8%   A lot
30.3%   A little
52%      Not at all
0.9%     Unanswered

Question 5: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Daily exposure to even small amounts of second hand smoke is a serious health risk.”

45.8%   Strongly agree
40.9%   Somewhat agree
7.5%     Somewhat disagree
5.8%     Strongly disagree

Question 6: Do you agree with DACC taking steps to reduce the effects of second hand smoke and tobacco use by becoming a tobacco free campus as of August 1, 2012?

45.7%   Strongly agree
29.7%   Somewhat agree
11.7%   Somewhat disagree
12.6%   Strongly disagree

Question 7: Do you currently smoke?

20.3%   Yes
79.7%   No

Question 8: Do you currently use any smokeless or spit tobacco products?

6.3%     Yes
93.7%   No

Question 9: If you answered yes to questions 7 or 8, would you like to be informed of resources to assist you to quit?

9.5%     Yes
65%      No
25.5%   Unanswered

Student Comments:

  1. “I really wish this would have been put into effect several years ago.”
  2. “Don’t ban smoking.”
  3. “No smoking should be allowed on campus at all. They kill people.”
  4. “Need to have designated areas.
  5. “I hate smoking and it should not be on campus.”
  6. “We should have a designated area so we may smoke and not bother others that don’t.”
  7. "I believe it is inconsiderate of people to smoke in public /in places where not everyone is smoking. It harms others who aren’t participating.”
  8. “Smoking areas would be nice.
  9. “That is going to make a lot of people mad.”
  10. “I think a tobacco free campus is a great idea.”

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