Student Insurance; Vermilion County Works; Work Study & Student Worker Employment

Student Insurance; Vermilion County Works; Work Study & Student Worker Employment


DACC does not offer insurance for students. However, students seeking insurance may contact Insurance for Students at or via phone at 516-300-5677 or email at


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014, is federal legislation authorizing federally funded workforce programs and services. The Act prepares eligible youth and adults in Vermilion County and the surrounding area for entry into the labor force. As the WIOA Title I provider, Vermilion County Works aims to develop the area workforce by providing job search assistance and training as well as helping you with other career and employment related service needs. It is a proud partner of the American Job Center network. The following types of training and services are provided by our local office: Basic education and high school equivalency classes (thru DACC); vocational skills training; transitional employment; incumbent worker training; on-the-job training; customized training; Dislocated Worker services; client support services (job readiness assessments, career counseling, etc.); and financial assistance. They are located off-campus at 407 N. Franklin St., Danville, IL. Their hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm. You can also reach them at 217-442-0296.


Students interested in student worker positions must apply using the DACC Human Resources (HR) Office online Student Employment application. Apply online at Students will need to create a login and then may apply for any position posted online. On the application, students will be able to designate their work availability and job preference based upon skills and interests. Career Services Specialists (Cannon Hall, Room 213) will assist students with the online process if needed. Student applications will remain in the system for two years, but they can be updated as needed.

DACC employs two types of student employees. The main difference between the two is the funding from which they are paid:

  1. Student Workers must be registered for 6+ credit hours. Student Workers are funded from through the College’s general education fund.
  2. College Work Study workers must be registered for 3+ credit hours and must be certificate and/or degree seeking. Work study recipients must also maintain good standing and satisfactory academic progress and not in default on any federal Title IV loan program and not owe a repayment of a federal grant or scholarship. Work Study positions are funded by the student qualifying for Work Study money through the Department of Education’s Financial Aid processes (which start with the FAFSA being completed (see below)) and the College. The student’s financial aid status, along with his/her scholarship monies, determines whether or not he/she is eligible for Work Study positions and the amount of money they are eligible to earn in a Work Study position.

DACC departments may have openings for Student Worker or College Work Study, and a few have both.

Job Placement Procedures

Student Worker and College Work Study (see below) Supervisors will use the electronic applications to contact the potential employee to schedule an interview and make a hiring decision. Student Worker Supervisor's reserve the right to hire, reduce work hours or terminate employment as deemed necessary for the operations of their departmental needs. Work Study positions have additional stipulations (see below).

Qualifying for Work Study Positions

College Work-Study (FCWS) is a federal financial aid work program partially funded by the United States Department of Education. DACC contributes a portion of the funds for the program. The College administers this program in accordance with the laws, federal regulations and instructions issued by or on behalf of the Department of Education, as well as its own institutional policies.

In order to qualify for a FCWS award, students are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA) which is provided on the Internet at and have the results verified and a completed student financial aid file at Danville Area Community College. Please note, the Employment Period for Work Study students is for the applicable Award Year only. Each new award year begins on July 1 and ends June 30.