Student Contest Information

Student Contest Information

Welcome to the Contest Corner!

This page serves as a homepage for student contests held at DACC or those in the community. Make sure to take a look at the current contest that are available on this page. Contests can be in the form of writing promts, selfie pics, and those of holiday costume contests.


Most of the contest listed will come with different sorts of prizes, ranging from scholarships, money, and giftcards.

Contest Categories Available

Calling All DACC Student Playwrights!

DACC is holding its First Annual 10-Minute Playwriting Contest for students. In honor of Women’s History Month, each play will feature a woman or women who have made the world a better place—on a grand scale or in a quiet personal way.

Entry is free and open to all DACC students, including dual credit, Middle College, and College Express students.

First prize is $150

Second prize is $75

Third prize is $25

All three winners also receive trophies.

A screening panel of faculty and staff will select no more than 10 plays for performance in the Bremer Theater on Sat., April 1, 2023.

The audience will vote on the best play, with the top three prizes awarded at the end of the performance.

Submission Deadline: Fri., Mar. 17, 2023

Submission Guidelines for Plays:

  1. Plays may not run longer than 10 minutes, which means 10 pages or fewer in standard playscript format:

    1. 12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions. (Sample script available upon request.)
  2. To ensure that submissions are “blind,” you need to prepare two title pages.

    1. One Title Page contains your name, address, phone number(s) and email(s). This page is removed when the script is forwarded to the review panel.
    2. A second Title Page contains the title, cast list, and setting—but not the writer’s name or other information about the writer.
  3. The script is numbered in the upper right-hand corner, but without the playwright’s name.
  4. Playwrights submit scripts in MS-Word Doc files.
  5. Cast size must be between 1 - 5. Ages of actors may vary since the plays will be scripted readings by students, alumni, staff, and faculty.
  6. Plays will be performed on a blank stage with minimal props, such as tables and chairs.

    1. There will be no special effects or special lighting. Actors will use their own wardrobes. Hand props may be provided by the playwright.
  7. To be eligible for review, the play must relate to the theme, which is in tribute to a woman or women.

To Enter: To submit a script and/or receive a sample script, email Damie Cramer at

David Brosi Poetry Contest

Sponsored by Liberal Arts/The Writing Center

Rules for Participation:

  • Students wishing to enter the David Brosi Poety Contest should submit to Prof. Marla Jarmer at
  • There are two divisions; DACC students and High School students (Dual enrollment students can choose either option)
  • Students may submit up to three poems for the contest

Prizes Awarded:

  • First place (in each division) $75 and publication in Waiting for Rain
  • Second place $50 and publication in Waiting for Rain
  • Third place $25 and publication in Waiting for Rain
  • Deadline for submission is April 1, 2023 but students don't need to wait until next semester to enter.

Waiting for Rain Literary Publication Submissions

The DACC Liberal Arts Division/Writing Center are currently accepting submissions for next year’s Waiting for Rain Literary publication.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Poems, short fiction, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction essay manuscripts can be sent to Prof. Marla Jarmer at
  • Students, staff, and alumni are all encouraged to submit work.
  • Please limit poetry submissions to five or less and essays to five or fewer pages.
  • Essays should be in MLA format and poems should be formatted as the writer wishes them to appear on the page.
  • Please include a cover page with your name, contact info, and the names of all of the works you are submitting.