Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Student Success Center - Faculty Resources

Room 113, Cannon Hall
217-443-8862 / 217-443-8702

Alternative Testing Accommodations
Please complete the Test Proctor Form when sending tests to the Student Success Center for your students with alternative testing accommodations.

Syllabus Statement:
Students with disabilities should contact Lisa Rudolph at 217-443-8708 to request academic accommodations including alternative testing arrangements, notetakers, interpreters, taped/large-print textbooks, and other resources.  The Testing & Acadmic Services Center is located on the first floor of Cannon Hall. 

Faculty Guide: FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Students with Disabilities in the Classroom)

PEPNet Online Orientation
Postsecondary education professionals serving students who are deaf or hard of hearing are encouraged to complete the one-hour online training offered FREE by the Postsecondary Education Programs network (PEPNet).

The Faculty Room
An online resource for faculty and administrators in postsecondary education providing information on the following topics:

  • Academic accommodations for students with disabilities
  • Universal design of instruction
  • Equal access to computer technology and the Web
  • Rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities