Filenaming and Types

Filenaming and Types

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File Naming Conventions

There are important rules to follow when creating files to be submitted to Blackboard. Failure to follow the guidelines might result in an unreadable file submission and this can affect your grade:

Use the following in filenames:

  • Letters (ABCabc...)
  • Numbers (0123456789)
  • Underscores (_) can be used to represent a space
  • Filename length no more than 32 characters
  • Document File Extension (i.e. doc, ppt, etc.)

Avoid the following in filenames:

  • Special characters ( ~ ! @ # $ % & etc.)
  • Spaces (there have been problems related to this, though they are technically supported)
  • Long File Names (Limit to 32 characters or less)

Examples of Good Filenames

  • paper1.doc (short filename, includes file extension, no spaces or special characters, properly named)
  • peer_review_presentation.ppt (properly named, less than 32 characters, includes file extension, no spaces or unsupported characters)

Examples of Bad Filenames

  • paper #1 (no file extension, includes unsupported special character and space)
  • my presentation on Mary's paper about the history of mining in America.ppt (filename is more than 32 characters, spaces and unsupported special characters are included)

File Types

Always close the file on your hard drive before uploading it to Blackboard. Uploading an open file will often result in the file being corrupted, meaning it is not viewable


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