Configuring Respondus Monitor for the test

Configuring Respondus Monitor for the test

Respondus Monitor is an instructor option - it will add a webcam requirement and the student will be recorded while completing a test. This can be implemented by following these steps:

1. To implement the Respondus Monitor you must first configure the Respondus Lockdown Browser. While you are configuring the Respondus Lockdown Browser there should be an option for the Respondus Monitor.

2. Check Require Respondus Monitor for this exam.

3. If a pop up appears click Continue to Respondus Monitor.

4. Click on the Startup options you want to have your students go through.

5. Check any Facial Recognition Options that you want (click on "Explain" for more information on options.)

6. Click Advanced Settings to set options.

7. Click Save and Close to save settings.