Respondus LockDown Browser (for faculty)

Respondus LockDown Browser (for faculty)

What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special browser that attempts to prevent cheating during a Blackboard test. When used, students will be asked to install a Lockdown Browser before they can take the test on there Windows or Mac. The Lockdown Browser prevents the students from the following tasks during a test:

  • Going to Non Specified Websites
  • Using Email or Messaging
  • Accessing Files Stored on their computer
  • Printing or capturing screen content
  • Accessing other applications
  • Using the right mouse button
  • Using Function keys
  • Using task switching keystrokes
  • Viewing the source code for a page
  • Taking the test from any other browser

DACC's institutional Respondus LockDown Browser link is:

This is the link instructors provide to students if they need to install Respondus Lockdown Browser on their personal devices.

Instructors Please Note:  If you want to test Respondus Lockdown Browser from a DACC-owned device (office desktop, laptop, etc.), you must contact DACC's Computer Network & End User Services department at to request this install.

There is a Mac version as well and those instructions and downloads are in the link provided above.