2021SP Inservice Links & Pedagogical Resources

2021SP Inservice Links & Pedagogical Resources

COVID-19 Student Survey Results (Help Us Help You survey)

Data Brief

Designing eLearning in a Pandemic: Tips, Strategies, and Resources

Equity Instructional Infographic


Assessment Documents

Fall Assessment Recap

Evaluating Assessment Results

Planning Improvements for Reassessment

Shifting the Culture

Co-Curricular and You

General Education Outcomes

Assessing Using the Rubric

Assessing Using the Rubric Video

Part-time Improving Student Learning Through Assessment

Part-time Assessment Inservice

Part-time Assessment Inservice Video


Assessment Recordings and Power Points

Assessment Recap and Evaluation Assessment Results

2b Evaluation Resulsts part 2

Plan Improve Reassess

Part Time In

Using Curriculum Mapping in a Course power point

Writing Outcomes power point


Teaching Excellence Academy

8 Week Infographic

Introduction/Pverview of Bloom's Taxonomy

Introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy presentation

Lightbulb Moments and Culture Shifts

Using Curriculum Mapping in a Course

Writing Outcomes


Library Videos From the Fall 2020 Inservice

Primo 1Search Basics

Streaming Media through the Library

PrepSTEP for Community Colleges

When searching for your library when setting up the app, instead of DACC Library, search for NILRC:

Pedagogical Resources

Quality Design in eLearning

"Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online in Response to COVID-19 Faculty Playbook"

"How to Be a Better Online Teacher Advice Guide"

Accessibility in eLearning

"Have You Created an Online Accessible Course?"

"Inclusion, Equity and Access While Teaching Remotely"

Equity Rubric for eLearning Courses (Peralta Community College District)

Student Engagement in eLearning

"Five Ways to Build Community in Online Classrooms"

"Making Super Simple Videos for Teaching Online"

"Plan and Record Microlectures"

"10 Tips for Effective Online Discussions"

Google Slides as a Pedagogical Tool


Testing in eLearning

Lockdown Browser/Respondus Training

Lockdown Browser Video Guide

"Going Remote with Integrity 2.0: Technological Tips & Techniques Webinar"

"Fourteen Simple Strategies to Reduce Cheating on Online Examinations"

"Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels: How to Prevent Cheating in Online Classrooms" (Archived Feb 18, 2016)
NOTE:  To use this resource you must use the College ID and Password for NISOD. Since neither can be published, they have been emailed directly to your DACC faculty email.

Building Exams, Tests, and Quizzes in Blackboard
Creating a test & deploying it for students.

Blackboard Training for eLearning
Creating an Assignments link video
Assignment links guide
Bb OnDemand - Assignment Guide

Course Copy Guide
Bb OnDemand - Course Copy Guide

Creating a Discussion Board video
Discussion Board Guide
Bb OnDemand - Discussion Board Guide

Grade Center Guide
Grade Center Weighted Grade Guide
Bb OnDemand - Grade Center Guide

Groups Guide
Bb OnDemand - Groups Guide

Rubrics Guide

Creating and Deploying a Test Video
Bb OnDemand - Tests Guide

Other Resources

NISOD Webinars & Publications
This resource provides webinars and publications.  To use this resource you must use the College ID and Password.  Since neither can be published, they have been emailed directly to your DACC faculty email.  There are multiple resources available but the following may assist you with eLearning in a pandemic.

"Bridging the Gap: F2F to Online Teaching Skill" (Archived August 20, 2020)

"Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning: How Do We Help Our Students Recognize and Mitigate the Impact of Stress and Traumatic Experiences" (Archived May 20 2020)

Supporting Students: Pause, Plan, Persist (Archived September 24, 2020)

Three Student Engagement Strategies for Our New World: Lessons From Community College Leaders and a Behavioral Scientist (Archived August 13, 2020)

Coping With COVID: A Snapshot of Faculty Skills, Challenges, and Lessons Learned (Archived January 14, 2021)

"How to Keep Your Students Engaged and Reduce Anxiety in the Online Classroom" (Archived May 18, 2020)