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Governance Forum

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Bylaws of Collegial Governance at Danville Area Community College

As a comprehensive community college, Danville Area Community College is committed to the principles of democracy and to the advancement of a collegial workplace. At DACC, we value every employee’s contributions in supporting the College mission, vision, and values. One of the chief opportunities that the College affords to build employee engagement is through participation on Continuous Quality Initiative and Achieving the Dream committees.

The College has adopted the use of a weekly College Hour that will enhance the College’s CQI/ATD governance system by providing a set date and time that will provide optimal faculty and staff availability to attend a monthly College-wide Forum and to participate in committee meetings.

College Hour
The College Hour will take place every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. during each Spring and Fall semester. Once a month during this College Hour, all Faculty and Staff will be invited to participate in an ATD/CQI Governance Forum. During the other weekly College Hours, ATD and CQI committees may choose to avail themselves of this mutually convenient block of time to schedule their meetings.

ATD/CQI Governance Forums
The College Hour scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month will be reserved for ATD/CQI Governance Forums. The CQI Coordinator and the ATD Leadership Team Chair will serve as Governance Co-Chairs at DACC. Through the CQI Quality Council and the ATD Leadership Team, the Co-Chairs’ respective committees will receive both short- and long-term charges. During the forums, each Co-Chair will call on a representative from one of their teams to report on their progress on any goal, assignment, or charge that the committee is working to achieve.