Middle College

Middle College

Middle College at DACC is designed for high school juniors and seniors, with a history of academic success, who may have run into barriers to high school completion.

The goal of Middle College is to support the development of strong, successful students who are actively engaged in their studies in order to improve graduation rates in Vermilion County.  Students accepted into Middle College take classes on-campus at Danville Area Community College instead of the high school.  Much like a regular college student, each student in Middle College is registered for classes that meet his or her own graduation requirements.  Classes may be a combined mix of developmental, online, credit recovery and/or college level classes.  Students are required to be involved in a minimum of five hours of learning each school day.  Additionally, each Middle College student is assigned a Case Manager, who works side-by-side with the student to overcome barriers.

Students who are recommended for the program must have the consent of his or her home high school.  Once a Middle College student completes requirements for graduation per his or her home high school, they will become a graduate of that school.  If a student completes college-level coursework as part of Middle College, the credit counts as both high school and college credit and is part of the student's academic transcript at Danville Area Community College.

The DACC Middle College program was built as a partnership with the support of the Vermilion Healthcare Foundation, High School Administrators, Regional Superintendent, Vermilion Advantage and Danville Area Community College.

Who is a good Middle College Candidate?

  • Someone who is thinking about dropping out of high school
  • Someone who has obstacles to completing graduation requirements
  • Someone with a history of some academic success
  • Someone who does not have a history of disciplinary problems
  • Someone who is determined and knows how to set and complete goals
  • Someone who takes responsibility for themselves
  • Someone with the potential to work as a team
  • Someone who has the potential to follow directions and work independently when required
  • Someone with the desire to achieve his or her high school diploma

What Does It Cost?

  • Tuition, fees, and books are at no cost to the students; these costs are absorbed by the local high school district, DACC, and program-related grants.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation and related expenses.

What is the Enrollment Process?

Interested students must complete an application, with high school recommendation, and be accepted into the program. 

Parents or students who are interested in participating in the Middle College program should contact their high school guidance counselors or DACC Middle College Staff at 217-443-8876.

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