Electronic Technology

Electronic Technology

Electronics Technology

Does Does an Electronic Technology Career or you?

  • Naturally curious

  • Wants to know how things work

  • Like to figure things out

  • Want a unique career

  • Like to see things light up

  • Median pay $26.94 an hour*

  • High probability for advancement

  • Hands-on work

  • Unique career field

  • High local employment demand for graduates

Job Outlook: Strong.


  • Strong partnerships with employers
  • Professors with years of experience in the field
  • Hands-on, industry-specific training equipment at DACC
  • Students may earn multiple industry certifications
  • Internships and apprenticeships available
  • Affordable with many financial aid options

Here's the Story:

This two-year degree program provides the training needed for the installation, maintenance, operation and servicing of electronic systems in industry, in smaller operations or independently.

Graduates will have a high degree of hands-on knowledge of programmable logic controllers (PLC). Graduates have in-depth, hands-on knowledge of: electronic circuits, digital electronics, opto-electronics, Siemens PLCS, pneumatics and controls, electricity/electronics, PC applications in electronics, programmable controllers, industrial automation, and advanced automation techniques.

This is an occupational program typically not designed to transfer; however, this program has been articulated to some senior institutions.This program is a capstone with SIU and a cooperative with EIU and WIU.