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The DACC Writing Center offers synchronous Collaborative Online Conferences and asynchronous eTutoring Conferences. Conferences for both types can be scheduled by clicking on our link to the DACC Writing Center/WC Online account.

Students using the synchronous Collaborative Online Conference option can have either a text-based or video chat conference through WCOnline to work on assignments with staff members in real-time. WCOnline also allows students to upload drafts of papers and discuss them with staff members using the White Board option so notes and annotations can be made to the draft during the conference. Students who need assistance understanding an assignment, who need to brush up on their writing or grammar skills, who need help brainstorming, shaping, or starting the revision process on a draft will find this type of conference best suited to their needs. Students do need to be available online for the 30-minute time slot they sign up for when scheduling their conference.

Our asynchronous eTutoring conferences (also through WCOnline) are well-suited for students who have a draft together but would like another set of eyes "on the paper" before they submit it for a grade. Students who have a particular problem they need help resolving, but who also feel confident in their ability to articulate the issue and work more independently with written feedback will benefit from this type of conference as well. Students do not need to be available online during the time slot they reserve for their conference. That timeslot works as a placeholder on the schedule for the staff working with them. Students will receive feedback within three business days after that. Feedback will be sent to the email they list when scheduling the conference.

Additional Key Information about the Writing Center:

Who: The Writing Center staff is comprised of faculty and professional staff members who specialize in collaborating with students on different kinds of academic and professional writing. Marla Jarmer is the director. In addition to professional training, our current staff has the knowledge and experience of 50+ years (combined) collaborating with students in an academic environment to help you meet your writing goals and potential.

Any student enrolled in a DACC class is eligible to use the Writing Center. Faculty and staff may also use our services, but current students are given priority for class-related writing.

What: Students can receive help with a variety of writing and research related tasks. We collaborate with students on assignments for classes as well as other academic and work-related writing (ex. scholarship and transfer essays, resume writing, cover letters, etc.).

The sessions can cover a variety of topics. For example,

  • Understanding the writing process
  • How to develop a plan to complete extended writing tasks
  • Additional Support for writing assignments in "non-writing" classes
  • Understanding how to use your writing to demonstrate competence of Student Learning Outcomes associated with a given writing assignment/class
  • Understanding different writing/rhetorical situations
  • Understanding how academic writing happens
  • Understanding how academic writing changes depending upon the discipline/class
  • Brainstorming and other rewriting techniques
  • Moving from a topic to a thesis statement
  • Organization techniques
  • Developing support for main ideas
  • Proofreading and editing tips and techniques
  • APA or MLA formatting and citation style
  • Other content-related style choices particular to APA and MLA

When: The Writing Center opens the second week of each spring and fall semester and remains open until final exams begin. It is also open during the seven-week summer session. If DACC classes are canceled, then the Writing Center will be closed. The Center is also closed during any school holidays and vacations where students are not required to attend classes.

On-Campus Hours:

Monday and Wednesday:  9:00am-2:00pm

Tuesday and Thursday:  9:00am-1:00pm

Friday:  9:00am-12:00pm


In addition to conferences with our staff, you can also get more information about writing from the Writing Center in the following ways:

Twitter: @DACCWriting


Writing Center Blog: https://thewritingcenter116.wordpress.com

Email Contact for Help: thewritingcenter116@gmail.com