Student Resources

Student Resources

Math & Science Solutions

The MASS tutors will assist you in a collaborative, interactive fashion to:

  • Become a more confident, effective, independent learner by not doing your work for you but by enabling and encouraging you to do your own work.
  • Develop your knowledge, understanding, and skills in selected math and science courses.
  • Improve your time management, note-taking, and test-taking through presentations, informative handouts, and various resources.

The MASS Center’s services are:

  • Free to all currently enrolled DACC students
  • For all students who want to improve or maintain their grades in math and science courses.
  • Easy to use and available on a scheduled appointment, scheduled study group/discussion group or walk-in basis
  • Staffed with friendly, helpful, faculty-recommended peer tutors and full and part time faculty members
  • Open for tutoring Fall and Spring semesters

Google Forms to Request Services from the MASS Learning Center

  • MASS Service Request Form -

    • Request Virtual Tutoring Sessions (Same day tutoring may not be available)
    • Request Study Aides
    • Ask a Tutor a Question (most responses will be within 24 hours

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