Study Strategies

Study Strategies

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Helpful Study Strategies

Academic success can be achieved by utilizing many different learning tools, techniques, and strategies to create consistent, effective study habits. In addition to participating in MASS tutoring programs, DACC students may acquire or improve study strategies by accessing academic best-practices through the websites listed in the links below:

Comprehensive Study Resource Websites

How to provides unique study guides by subject, including Accounting, Chemistry, English, Math, Physics, and more. It also includes tips for motivation, memory improvement, time management, and overcoming text anxiety.

University of Minnesota links

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities links students to subject-specific lectures, videos, tutorials, online resources, flash presentations for Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and more.

study smart

Utah State University's Study Smart Starter Kit is based on their Academic Success Model. Utilize this kit to take a organized approach to achieving positive academic results. The "Test Preparation" portion of their website includes many useful handouts, slides, and videos.



Maintaining Effective Study Techniques

Academic Success Model

From managing time to managing stress, this academic success model provides an outline to guide students from lecture to test-taking. Be sure to access the Study Smart Starter Kit within
Source: Utah State University

Memorization Strategies

Learning to memorize your course material takes work. These strategies will help you retain information and more effectively prepare for exams
Source: California Polytechnic State University

Study Skills - Excellent collection of study skills resources


Time Management

Tracking Your Time Effectively

Where does your time go? Use the three links within this page to evaluate your time use, chart your weekly activities, and then plan an efficient weekly schedule to utilize throughout the semester
Source: The University of Minnesota-Duluth



Successful Study Habits

If you don't know where to begin, these study strategies will help prepare you with techniques such as "chunking" and "mnemonics" to get you on your way
Source: New York University

Web Tools

100 web tools to organize your thoughts and ideas



Lecture Strategies

Prepare yourself better by using these strategies to create and maintain effective lecture notes
Source: College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University



Essay Exams

It’s not simply what you say or how much you say, but HOW you say it that’s important. Learn these strategies to better prepare you for taking essay exams
Source: Indiana University - Bloomington

Math-Intensive Exams

Download the PDF from this link to learn strategies to study for and successfully take math exams
Source: Saint Louis University



Videos and Podcasts

Academic Success Videos

Videos on strategic learning, time management, note-taking, reading improvement, stress management, and more
Source: Dartmouth College