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Note: some or all of the courses in the subjects marked as "Transfer" can be used towards a transfer degree: Associate of Science and Arts or Associate of Engineering Science at DACC. Transferability for specific institutions and majors varies. Consult a counselor for this information.

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ABED111 Literacy Reading
ABED117 Job Search Techniques
ABED190 Job Readiness I
ABED193 Job Readiness II
AGRI101 Introduction to Animal Science
AGRI102 Introductory Agricultural Economics
AGRI103 Ag Mechanization
AGRI106 Computing Applications in Agriculture
AGRI107 Intro to Ag Marketing and Sales
AGRI108 Intro to Precision Ag
AGRI109 Agriculture Technology
AGRI110 Intro to UAS Technology
AGRI111 Ag Safety
AGRI121 Introductory Crop (Plant) Science
AGRI180 Introductory Soil Science
AGRI200 Agriculture Management
AGRI202 Supervised Occupational Experience
AGRI205 Grain Handling and Storage
AGRI206 Grain Marketing
AGRI207 Agriculture Pesticides
AGRI290 Supervised Occupational Experience
ARTS111 Art History I
ARTS117 Drawing I
ARTS118 Drawing II
ARTS119 Basic Design 2-D
ARTS120 Basic Design 3-D I
ARTS122 Life Drawing
ARTS125 Ceramics I
ARTS126 Ceramics II
ARTS130 Sculpture I
ARTS141 Painting I
ARTS142 Painting II
ARTS151 Graphic Design I
ARTS152 Graphic Design II
ARTS153 Graphic Abstraction
AUTO100 Intro to Auto Service Industry
AUTO106 Engine Electrical Systems
AUTO111 Intro to Engine Technology
AUTO113 Drivetrain Systems
AUTO121 Engine Overhaul
AUTO128 Fuel Systems & Emission Controls
AUTO134 Steering & Suspension Systems
AUTO135 Braking Systems
AUTO147 Principles of Air Conditioning
AUTO169 Supervised Occupational Experience
AUTO199 Apprenticeship Worksite Experience
AUTO228 Diagnostic Engine Testing
AUTO236 Automotive Computer Systems
AUTO242 Automatic Transmissions
AUTO244 Alignment & Balance
AUTO259 Special Problems
AUTO269 Supervised Occupational Experience
AUTO299 Apprenticeship Worksite Experience
BACC228 Computerized Accounting
BACC230 Business Income Tax Accounting
BIOL101 Human Biology
BIOL102 Principles of Biology
BIOL103 Principles of Biology II
BIOL104 Animals & Society
BIOL105 Introduction to Environment
BIOL133 Field Studies in Biology
BIOL140 Microbiology
BIOL150 Botany
BMGT103 Customer Service
BMGT104 Interpersonal Relationships
BMGT114 Principles of Management
BMGT115 Event and Meeting Planning
BMGT118 Professional Selling
BMGT160 Entrepreneurial Skills
BMGT202 Content Creation
BMGT244 Digital Marketing
BOFF121 Fundamentals of Business Documents
BOFF130 Computer Essentials
BOFF219 Digital Publication Design for Business
BOFF225 Spreadsheet Applications
BOFF237 Word Processing Applications
BOFF246 Illustrator
BOFF249 Medical Office Procedures II
BOFF255 Digital Presentations
BOFF265 Virtual Technology for Business
BOFF270 Marketing Analytics
BOFF290 Office Management Seminar
BOFF291 Social Media Seminar
CBUS104 Introduction to Business
CBUS150 Business Computer Systems
CHEM100 Introduction to Chemistry (for Non-Science Majors)
CHEM101 General Chemistry I
CHEM102 General Chemistry II
CHEM105 Introduction to Forensic Chemistry
CHEM133 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM134 Organic Chemistry II
CONS152 Blueprint Reading
CONS154 Basic Masonry
CONS156 Basic Carpentry I
CONS158 Basic Carpentry II
CONS160 Basic Plumbing
CONS162 Basic Residential Wiring
CONS164 Painting and Finishing
CRIM103 Patrol Techniques
CRIM207 Verbal Defense Techniques
CSCI100 Intro to C ++
CSCI101 Intro to Python Programming
CSCI102 Intro to C#
CSCI103 Introduction to Java
CSCI105 Intro to 3D Computer Graphics
CSCI150 Database Concepts: SQL
CSCI151 Database Design
CSCI200 Advanced C++
CSCI201 Advanced Python Programming
CSCI202 Advanced C# Programming
CSCI203 Advanced Java Programming
CSCI205 Programming Integrated Project
CULA410 Culinary Essentials
CULA420 Bakeshop I
CULA430 Salads, Sandwiches, Hors d'Oeurves
CULA435 Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
CULA440 Meats, Poultry, Fish and Eggs
CULA450 Nutrition and Menu Planning
CULA455 Serving the Customer
CULA460 Farm to Fork
CUST105 Intro to Environmental Services
CUST106 General Cleaning Practices
CUST107 Hard Surfaces Care
CUST108 Carpet and Upholstery
DEVR098 Reading Comprehension Skills
DEVR101 Critical Reading
DRAF160 Machining Graphics
DRAF161 Engineering Graphics
DRAF162 Technology in Advanced Manufacturing
DRAF166 Intro to AutoCAD
DRAF266 Applied AutoCAD
DRAF276 Advanced AutoCAD Applications
EDUC101 Nature of the Teaching Profession
EDUC159 Issues in Exceptionalities
EDUC160 Guiding Children
EDUC201 Early Childhood Education Practicum
EDUC207 Children's Literature
EDUC225 Internship in Education
ELEC104 Key Principles of Advanced Manufacturing
ELEC150 Electricity for HVAC
ELEC160 Intro to Electricity/Electronics
ELEC161 Residential Wiring
ELEC165 Introduction to AC Circuits
ELEC167 Electronic Circuits I
ELEC168 Mechatronics II (Industrial Electricity)
ELEC175 PC Applications in Electronics
ELEC220 Opto-Electronics
ELEC250 Mechatronics IV (Pneumatics & Controls)
ELEC255 Service Electronics
ELEC269 Mechatronics III (Programmable Controllers)
ELEC273 Digital Electronics I
ELEC274 Digital Electronics II
ELEC275 Industrial Automation
ELEC276 Advanced Automation Techniques
ELEC277 Siemens Programmable Controllers
ELEC290 Supervised Occupational Experience
ENGL105 Creative Writing
ENGL106 Fiction Writing
ENGL107 Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL122 Technical Communication
FIRE100 Techniques of Fire Fighting (Module A)
FIRE101 Techniques of Fire Fighting (Module B)
FIRE102 Techniques of Fire Fighting (Module C)
FIRE120 Tactics and Strategy I
FIRE142 Fire Management II
FIRE180 Technical Rescue Awareness
FIRE181 Vehicle and Machinery Operations
GRPH201 2D Animation
GRPH202 2D Video Game Design
GSCI100 Simply Science
HIST112 Western Civilization II
HIST215 Special Topics: American Sports History
HITT101 Introduction to Health Information
HITT240 Supervision for Health Information Technologists
HITT245 Current Trends in Health Information Technology
HITT250 Clinical Practicum II
HITT275 Health Informatics, Analytics and Data Use
HLTH130 Nutrition
HMSR226 Human Services Practicum Seminar
HORT101 Introduction to Horticulture Science
HORT160 Intro to Floral Design
HORT161 Floral Design I
HORT176 Landscape and Horticulture Therapy Design
HORT189 Turf and Ground Cover Management
HORT191 Pest Control Maintenance
HORT192 Tree and Shrub Maintenance
HORT202 Internship
HORT220 Local Foods
HORT250 Internship
HORT265 Sustainable Marketing and Management
HORT280 Principles of Irrigation and Water Conservation
HORT282 Outdoor Landscape Construction
HORT284 Woody Plant Identification
HORT287 Floral Design II
HORT288 Greenhouse Culture
HORT290 Internship
HUMN103 Fantasy and Mythology
HVAC147 Principles of Air Conditioning
HVAC150 Heating Plants
HVAC200 Advanced Air Conditioning
HVAC220 Refrigeration
HVAC260 Air Handling
INFO133 Cisco Network Academy I
INFO153 A+ Certification Prep
INFO163 Client Operating Systems
INFO173 Linux Operating System
INFO174 Intro to Web Design: HTML/CSS
INFO183 Cisco Network Academy II
INFO190 Worksite Seminar
INFO203 Cisco Network Academy III
INFO213 Server Operating Systems
INFO230 Web Programming: PHP/MySQL
INFO235 Cloud Technology
INFO238 Introduction to Game Programming
INFO245 Employment Seminar
INFO253 Managing a Network Environment
INFO263 Network Security
INFO273 Cisco Network Academy IV
INFO276 Developing Mobile Phone Apps
INFO284 Web Programming: Javascript
INFO290 Supervised Occupational Experience
INFO294 Wireless Networking
INST102 Career Technologies
INST110 Online Learning Orientation
INST117 Critical Thinking and Strategic Problem-Solving
LGST020 Class B CDL Training
LGST025 Tractor/Trailer Driver Training
LGST050 Tractor Trailer Driver Internship
LGST075 Tractor Trailer Driver Refresher
LITR101 Introduction to Poetry
LITR102 Introduction to Drama
LITR104 Afro-American Literature
MATH107 Applied Mathematical Concepts
MATH110 Computer Science
MATH111 College Algebra
MATH114 Trigonometry
MATH115 Survey of Statistics (Statistics for non-math majors)
MATH116 Mathematics in Society
MATH120 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
MATH125 Introductory Analysis I (Calculus for Business & Sciences)
MATH130 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II
MATH135 Intro. Analysis II (Finite Math)
MATH137 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH140 Calculus & Analytic Geometry III
MATH161 Statistics
MATH211 Differential Equations
MATT132 Elementary Technical Math
MATT133 Technical Mathematics
MEDA120 Clinical Procedures I
MEDA200 Clinical/Office Internship
MFRG100 Industrial Safety (OSHA 30 Hour)
MFRG105 Mechatronics I (Intro to Maintenance)
MFRG110 Maintenance Tools and Procedures
MFRG120 Introduction to Engineering Technology
MFRG160 Machining I
MFRG161 Machining II
MFRG162 Machining III
MFRG163 Machining IV
MFRG164 Machining V
MFRG168 CNC Setup & Operations
MFRG169 Intro to CNC Programming
MFRG170 Applied CNC Programming
MFRG185 Supervised Occupational Experience
MFRG199 Apprenticeship Worksite Experience
MFRG200 Manufacturing Management & Quality
MFRG220 Mechanical Diagnosis and Repair
MFRG230 Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
MFRG231 Mechatronics V (Hydraulic Diagnosis and Repair)
MFRG285 S.O.E. Industrial
MFRG290 Special Project
MUSI115 Music Appreciation
NURS192 Concepts of Nursing (ADN Level I, First Semester)
PEMW110 Yoga I
PEMW111 Pilates I
PEMW113 Weight Training
PEMW114 Intermediate Weight Training
PEMW119 Expert Weight Training
PEMW153 Introduction to Sports Psychology
PEMW159 Personal Training III: ACE Personal Training Capstone
PHMB100 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding
PHMB110 Coding Outpatient Procedures
PHMB200 Billing Public Health Services and Procedures
PHMB280 Medical Billing and Reimbursement Methods
PHYS101 Physics-Mechanics/Heat
PHYS102 Physics-Wave Motion/Electricity/Optics
PHYS108 Physics-Wave Motion/Optics/Modern Physics
PHYS142 Physical Science II
PHYS152 Applied Mechanics-Statics
PHYS211 Applied Mechanics-Dynamics
POLI130 Principles of Political Science
POLI240 Non-Western Comparative Government
PSYC205 Industrial Psychology
RDTC100 Patient Care in Radiologic Technology
RDTC101 Introduction to Radiologic Technology
RDTC106 Radiologic Physics II
RDTC107 Radiation Biophysics
RDTC108 Clinical Internship I
RDTC109 Clinical Internship II
RDTC110 Clinical Internship III
RDTC200 Atypical Radiologic Procedures
RDTC202 Radiologic Procedures IV
RDTC205 Image Analysis
RDTC207 Clinical Internship IV
RDTC209 Clinical Education III
RDTC210 Clinical Education IV
RDTC211 Clinical Education V
RDTC212 Special Topics in Radiologic Technology
SOCY100 Introduction to Sociology
SONO101 Abdominal and Small Parts Sonography
SONO102 OB/GYN Sonography
SPCH102 Public Speaking
SPCH113 Group Discussion
SPCH145 Acting I
SUBS235 Substance Abuse Practicum I
SUBS236 Substance Abuse Practicum Seminar I
SUBS245 Substance Abuse Practicum II
SUBS246 Substance Abuse Practicum Seminar II
SUST100 Principles of Sustainability
SUST102 Ecology the Economy of Nature
SUST110 Natural Resource Management
SUST121 Cultivation and Compliance
SUST125 Introduction to Green Business
SUST150 Green Facilities Management
SUST155 The Natural History of Illinois
WELD101 Blueprint Reading (Mech.)
WELD150 Welding for Mechanics
WELD170 Cutting and Material Preparation
WELD180 Structural Welding
WELD270 Welding for Manufacturing
WELD280 Pipe Welding
WELD290 Advanced Pipe Welding
WIND100 Introduction to Wind Energy
WIND125 Introduction to Drone Technology
WIND150 Wind Turbine Materials & Electro Mechanical Equipment
WIND200 Wind Power Delivery Systems
WIND250 Wind Turbine Troubleshooting

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