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COURSE TITLE:Fire Management II
DIVISION:Liberal Arts

This course will acquaint the student with the principles of communication and group dynamics as they relate to the company officer. This course is a requirement for Fire Officer I.


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Upon completion of this course the student should be able to use the skills in communications and human resource management in the fire office.

Identify the requirements for Fire Officer Certification as prescribed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Division of Personnel Standards and Education.
Identify the laws affecting the legal rights, liabilities and responsibilities of fire service personnel.

Identify the basic elements of the communication process.
Identify techniques to improve and develop effective listening skills.
Identify the elements of non-verbal communication.
Identify the relationship between formal and informal communication within a unit and how to enhance their ability to reduce the negative effects of gossip and rumor.

Identify the basic elements of effective written communication.
Complete a narrative report detailing both an emergency and a nonemergency incident.
Complete the following reports, given the report forms and all pertinent information.
   INFIRS forms
   incident reports
   procedures & policies
   personnel records
   maintenance records
   accident records
   electronic data processing and record-keeping
Collect information, input data, and prepare standard reports given a record-keeping system in the officer's area of responsibility.
Prepare a report in clear, concise language for transmittal to a superior officer, given a personnel record.
Prepare a report in clear, concise language for transmittal to a superior officer, given an equipment maintenance record.
Prepare a report in clear, concise language for transmittal to a superior officer, given a fire department building's maintenance record.

Identify methods used by supervisors to obtain cooperation within a group of subordinates and explain the supervisor's responsibilities in promoting cooperatin within a group.
Identify how each of the following affects the group behavior within the organization:
   Understandable people
   Motivating the member
   Handling disputes
   Introducing changes
   Gaining cooperation
   Supervisory cooperation
   Job attitude
   Company policy
   Emotional status/stress
   Handling complaints
   Handling the problem member
Demonstrate ability to enhance leadership in a group situation, including: building group cohesion and morale.  Managing, interpersonal & inter group conflict, understand and managing concepts of innovation, and change.
Given a summary of the functions of a fire officer, develop a system of planning jobs.
Given a summary of the functions of a fire officer:
   Identify the procedure for organizing work
   Identify how work is directed by delegating, initiating, and evaluating.
Given records or forms used in evaluating personnel:
   Identify the objectives of a member evaluation program
   Identify how the common errors in evaluating can be avoided
   Identify the procedures for conducting an evaluation program
   Identify how to plan an evaluation conference
   Identify how to conduct an evaluatin conference
Demonstrate how to objectively evaluate and counsel personnel to encourage their development.

Identify the causes of unsafe acts or conditions that result in fire department accidents, injuries, or deaths.
Identify the most common causes of personal injury to the fire fighter.
Given an accident case study, identify procedures or equipment that could be changed to prevent the injury.
Identify the symptoms of member-related problems in the areas of substance abuse, situational stress, and behavioral changes, and identify the appropriate action to be taken for each according to the policies and procedures established by the authority having jurisdiciton.
Identify how the fire officer would implement department safety regulations at the company level, given a department safety policy.
Identify the procedures for conducting an initial accident investigation for incidents involving personnel, equipment, and apparatus, given department safety regulations, investigation forms, and an incident scenario.
Identify the components of the Infectious Disease Control Program for the authority having jurisdiction
Interpret an accident record and prepare a report in clear, concise language for transmittal to a superior officer.

Given a plan, identify how the company officer would implement a new departmental personnel policy at the company level.

Identify the basic characteristics of local forms of government in the authority having jurisdiction


Scheduled quizzes over assigned materials will be given as well as comprehensive final exam.  The final exam will count as one-third of final grade.  Research paper will be done.  Students will be graded on class participation as well.

Final Exam 30%
Midterm Exam 25%
Quizzes 40%
Participation 5%


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