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Note: some or all of the courses in the subjects marked as "Transfer" can be used towards a transfer degree: Associate of Science and Arts or Associate of Engineering Science at DACC. Transferability for specific institutions and majors varies. Consult a counselor for this information.

Areas of Study | Journalism - 2 courses
JRNM110 Introduction to Television Production (Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: An introduction to multi-camera production; includes terminology, conceptualization, basic script writing, direction, audio board operations, and lighting in a studio setting.
Notes [ T] IAI: MC 916

JRNM112 Introduction to Mass Media (Fall and Spring) – 3.0 hours
Course Description: Provides an overview of the nature, functions, and responsibilities of the mass communication industries in a global environment with an emphasis on the media's role in American society.
Notes [ T] IAI: MC 911

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