Emergency Medical Responder

Emergency Medical Responder

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Emergency Medical Responder

Danville Area Community College’s Corporate Education is offering Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) training February 18-April 15, 2021 on Monday and Thursday from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. at the DACC Bremer Conference Center.

Emergency Medical Responders are individuals who have been trained to handle medical emergencies. These emergencies may range from an accident that happened in traffic, a highway accident or even a natural disaster. An EMR may need to perform basic life support in the form of CPR or other first aid to help stabilize a victim. An EMR could be a police officer, firefighter or anyone who requires supplemental medical training beyond standard first aid. An EMR does not replace Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Rather, the EMR may stabilize a person and keep them alive or calm to wait for the arrival of EMTs.

Class Dates: Mon. & Thurs., February 18-April 15, 2021
Class Times: 1PM-5PM
Course Fee: $300

REGISTRATION: Online registration/payment is available for this course at: https://danvillecorporatetraining.coursestorm.com/

To pay with Cash or Check, please call (217) 443-8777 to learn how to Pay on-campus via the Cashier Office and Register via the Corporate and Community Education Office located in the Bremer Conference Center.

This course will run in the Spring and Fall Semesters.  Call (217) 443-8777 or email cce@dacc.edu to learn about upcoming class dates and times.