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Wasted resources add cost to products without adding value. Lean is a systematic method of continuous improvement designed to identify and eliminate activities that do not add value to a product or service from the customer’s perspective. To identify and eliminate wasted activities, you may train your team members in the many principles of LEAN Manufacturing and leverage the knowledge and tools implemented by companies such as Toyota and Dell. Lean Tools include:

  • Lean Champion Training Series

    • Lean Overview
    • Lean Leadership & Culture
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • 5-S Visual Controls
    • Setup Reduction (Quick Changeover)
    • Cellular Flow
    • Pull Kanban Systems
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Total Production Maintenance
  • Kaizen Blitz
  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Lean in the Office
  • Lean Team
  • Facilities Layout
  • Constraint Management (Implementation)
  • Failure-Proof Design (Failure or Error Proofing)
  • Implementing JIT Production Control

For more information and to learn how to register for classes or schedule classes for your group, please call 217-554-1628 or email syates@dacc.edu.  Submit a request for your training needs

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