Associate in General Studies (Non-Transferable Degree)

Associate in General Studies (Non-Transferable Degree)

Proposed Degree Requirements

The associate in general studies (AGS) degree is a non-transferable degree program that is tailored to meet the needs and interests of the individual student. Both transfer and career education courses may be used to fulfill the requirements for this alternate degree program. The AGS degree is designed for the student who chooses to pursue a broad spectrum of interest. While not intended to be a transfer degree, the AGS degree is designed to enable the student to articulate with the bachelor of general studies; bachelor of general education and liberal studies degree program at participating Illinois four-year colleges and universities.

Degree Requirements

The specific requirements for the AGS non-transferable degree is proposed as follows:

  1. Complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of college level (non-developmental) course work at the 100 level, or above, with a cumulative grade average of “C” 2.0) or higher, and in good standing.
  1. Courses not applicable toward AGS degree – Adult Education, Continuing Education, and Developmental Education.
  1. Complete 22 hours of general education as outlined below:
    Courses can be used in one area or both areas of Math and Science, Humanities and Fine Arts, and also Social and Behavioral Sciences to meet degree requirements. General education at Danville Area Community College is designed to provide learning experiences that prepare the student to assume a productive role as a citizen, to understand and function successfully in the world, and to prepare for lifelong learning. General education will provide the opportunity for the student to acquire the knowledge, skills, insights and sensitivity needed to function as an educated person. Courses for general education for the AGS non-transferable degree must be in compliance with general education from AA, AS, AFA, AFAE, AES, or AAS degree requirements.
1. Communications 6 hours
2. Social or Behavioral Sciences 3 hours
3. Humanities or Fine Arts 3 hours
4. Social/Behavioral Sciences or Humanities/Fine Arts 3 hours
5. Life or Physical Science or Math 6 hours
6. DACC Degree Requirement - Success in College 1 hour
7. Electives 38 hours
Total =  60 hours
  1. A minimum of 15 semester hours in course work must be achieved at Danville Area Community College, excluding CLEP and proficiency credits.
  1. Complete all DACC graduation requirements.
  1. Student(s) pursuing two or more degrees at DACC must complete an additional 24 hours for each degree.