Traditional Dual Credit

Traditional Dual Credit

Tuition for dual credit coursework is set at 50% tuition and fees for courses taught by a DACC instructor either on campus or online. Students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch will be charged 25% tuition and fees for these courses. Verification of free/reduced lunch status for the individual student MUST be provided for the reduced rate to be applied to the student’s account. Course fees may or may not be required depending on course.

Dual credit courses require prior approval by the high school guidance counselor and DACC. Students should also be aware of any prerequisites required for the course(s) of their choice. With proper approval from both the high school and the College, an academically prepared student may earn dual credit in two ways:

  1. A regularly scheduled high school class may be approved for dual credit if the course meets the guidelines of a DACC course. These courses will be arranged and approved by the high school and the College.
  2. Students may take a DACC course on campus, online, or satellite location.

To complement our College Express program mentioned below, an afternoon block of transfer-eligible courses is scheduled each semester for the convenience of students who might be released by their high school to attend classes on campus.

For more information about dual enrollment courses, high school students should contact their high school guidance counselor or the DACC Admissions office at 217-443-8800.