Scholastic Requirements

Scholastic Requirements

Academic Load Definitions

Academic Status

Fall & Spring Terms
*Please note Financial Aid uses the Fall/Spring definitions for Summer too.

Summer Term
*Definitions are used for general DACC use only, not for Financial Aid standards.

Less than Half-time (also Part-time) 1-5 credit hours 1-2 credit hours

(also Part-time)

6-8 credit hours 3-5 credit hours
Three-Quarter time 9-11 credit hours  
Full-time 12-18 credit hours 6-8 credit hours

(Permission required)

19+ credit hours 9+ credit hours
Note: Part-time students include anyone who is enrolled in 1-11 credit hours for the Fall and Spring terms or 1-5 credit hours for the Summer term.

Maximum Credit Hour Load Procedure

Students are allowed to register for a full-time credit hour load, with counselor/advisor approval, up to the maximums
stated below:

Regular Fall/Spring Semester 18 credit hours maximum
Regular Summer Session 9 credit hours maximum
Inter-term Summer and Winter Session 5 credit hours maximum

Any student who wishes to exceed the maximum credit hour load must have approval from the Director of Admissions and Records or the Director of Counseling and Advisement. The decision to approve requests to exceed the maximum load would be based upon the student’s academic strengths, class and work schedule, and reason for the request.

Student Classification

Freshman: A student who has completed 29 or fewer semester hours of college work.
Sophomore: A student who has completed 30 or more semester hours of college work.
Full-time Student: A student registered for 12 or more semester hours.
Part-time Student: A student registered for less than 12 semester hours.