Residency Policies

Residency Policies

Tuition rate at Danville Area Community College depends upon the residence of the student. Ordinarily residence is that domicile established for a purpose independent of attendance at the College.

The following guidelines have been established for classifying students by residence:

  1. The residence of an unmarried student under eighteen is the same as that of parents or legal guardian.
  2. Marriage or full-time employment may be a basis for changing classification of residence.
  3. The student will cooperate in providing proof, when necessary, of claimed residency.


  1. In-District Student

    • Any student residing within Community College District 507.
  2. Out-of-District Student

    • Any student residing within the State of Illinois but outside Community College District 507.
  3. Out-of-State Student

    • Any student who resides in one of the United States other than the State of Illinois.
  4. International Student

    • Any student who does not reside in one of the United States or is not a U.S. citizen.

Special Tuition Rates

Out-of-District or Out-of-State students may qualify for special tuition rates if one of the following applies:

  • Residents of one of the following Indiana counties: Benton, Fountain, Montgomery, Parks, Tippecanoe, Vermillion or Warren
  • Students (and dependents) employed 35 hours or more per week in-district (written proof from employer is required)
  • Students enrolling in a vocational field of study that is an approved cooperative agreement program (written verification is required)
  • Residents of a contiguous community college district whose "home" high school, due to consolidation of high school districts, is within DACC's district. High school graduation must be within the past 5 years to receive this dispensation.