Statements of Inclusion & Purpose

Statements of Inclusion & Purpose


Danville Area Community College provides access to a broad spectrum of quality educational opportunities and life experiences. DACC values diversity as an enhancement of those experiences, in its classrooms, administrative offices, and board room. The College is committed to policies that promote fairness and inclusion for all in the life of the College. As a refl ection of the College's commitment, the DACC Board of Trustees strives to promote fairness and inclusion in all policies and practices of the College.

The College should be free to pursue standards and policies that allow it to fulfi ll its diversity vision. The students who are educated will help provide tomorrow's leaders, and their College experience must demonstrate the richness and substance of our diverse, multi-cultural and global environment. The College environment should promote understanding and appreciation of others, while encouraging students to grow as individuals.

In accord with this philosophy, the DACC Board expects the Community College to continually evaluate its hiring, admissions, and fi nancial aid policies to ensure diversity and equal access within the institution. The College should ensure that the results of these evaluations conform to the concept of open access -- the cornerstone of the community college mission.

A community college is, in effect, a microcosm of our greater society. As such, it should encourage and enhance the fullest understanding of human rights and responsibilities and should teach the skills that allow students to effectively participate in a democratic society. The College is responsible for creating opportunities for all within the College community to interact with understanding, tolerance, and respect for others. In this way, diversity in education not only serves as a model for the world at large, but it also helps perpetuate social harmony for the future.


The functions of Danville Area Community College are conceived in the light of its mission:

  1. Provision for General Education. General Education courses are selected and required of all degree seeking students, preparing them to function effectively in interpersonal and interdependent relations.
  2. Provision for Baccalaureate-Oriented Programs. The College offers academic courses which meet college and university requirements for freshmen and sophomores in most major fields.
  3. Provision for Career-Oriented Programs. Courses in career education provide job training, retraining, and upgrading to meet local, state, and national work force needs.
  4. Provision for Adult Education. Students are provided opportunities to improve basic education, secondary education, and life skills.
  5. Provision for Developmental Courses. Developmental Courses are offered to assist students in reading, English, mathematics and science in preparation for college credit courses.
  6. Provision for Continuing and Community Education. A variety of non-degree and non-credit courses, workshops and seminars is offered to meet the educational and recreational needs of the community.
  7. Provision for Student Personnel Services. Guidance, counseling, career information, testing services, and college orientation are available to all students. Provisions are also made for students with special needs.
  8. Provision for Student Activities. As part of the educational experience at Danville Area Community College, all students are encouraged to participate in student government, organizations, publications, athletics, social activities, and cultural affairs.
  9. Provision for Community Services. Through its faculty, staff, student services, and facilities, Danville Area Community College endeavors to make its resources available to the public.
  10. Provision for Business and Economic Development. Training programs and other business assistance initiatives are offered for the area work force and community employers to meet their needs.