Students are expected to be present for all examinations unless they are unable to attend due to serious illness, accident, or other reasons beyond the student’s control. No fee will be charged to make up hour, mid-term, or final examinations.

Final Examination

The Office of Instruction will authenticate legitimate absences from final examinations. Only serious illness, accident, or other reasons beyond the student’s control will be accepted as a legitimate absence. This entitles the student to make up the examination without a grade penalty.

The instructor will make the final decision in cases where the absence has not been authenticated by the Vice President of Instruction. In such cases the instructor has the option of lowering the course grade if the make-up is permitted.

It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for making up a final examination if absent at a regularly scheduled period. Make-up periods for final examinations will be scheduled within one week after the original examination period.

Students who have missed final examinations due to extenuating circumstances must arrange for making up the examination within thirty days after the scheduled final examination period.