Dual Credit & Dual Enrollment

Dual Credit & Dual Enrollment

Dual credit programs are offered for high school students to take college-level courses and receive college and high school credits. The completed courses and grades are recorded on both the high school transcript and college transcript. The courses must be approved by the high school in advance.

DACC Offers 4 Dual Credit Options:

  1. Traditional Dual Credit: Students take courses at DACC (day or night), online, or at the high school, during their high school day. Courses are transfer and career oriented.
  2. College Express: 14+ Career Programs offered in partnership with the high schools and VVEDS. Students are transported to DACC for classes.
  3. Project Lead the Way: Pre-Engineering program; courses are on DACC campus
  4. Middle College: Program for Juniors and Seniors who are experiencing barriers toward high school completion. Courses are career and transfer oriented.

Dual Enrollment (= for College Credit Only):

DACC also offers a Dual Enrollment option for students. In some instances, the high school prefers not to count the college credit earned as high school credit. Therefore the credit will not appear on the high school transcript. The credit earned will be for college credit only. With Dual Enrollment/College Credit Only, the College does not apply a discount and the student is responsible for 100% of the tuition and fees. Students must also have a “High School Permission for Enrollment at DACC” form completed before enrolling in a Dual Enrollment course.

Student Eligibility:

In order to participate, students must meet the guidelines of both the high school and DACC in order to receive dual credit:

  • Dual Credit is a program for junior and senior high school students. A student will be considered as a junior the summer after successful completion of the sophomore year.
  • High schools may require a certain GP A before they will allow a student to participate or it is based on enrollment in a certain high school classes.
  • Many of DACC’s courses have reading, writing, and math prerequisites. If a student does not meet them with high school coursework, ACT, SAT, or our placement test, they cannot enroll in the dual credit course. Students may take the placement test at DACC or at the high school.
  • Many of the DACC courses have course prerequisites. Dual credit students must meet the course pre-requisites before they start the dual credit course. Course pre-requisites can be found with the course description at https://www.dacc.edu/courses.

Early Admittance to Dual Credit Program

DACC will consider exceptional freshman and sophomore students who demonstrate readiness for college level coursework through the Colleges' established institutional policies.

  • Each freshman and sophomore student will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • One Time $80 Assessment Fee for Freshman & Sophomore students who meet the placement requirements and who enroll in a Dual Credit course.
  • Additionally, the student will be required to present the following information to be considered:

    • Completed "Request for Early Admittance to Dual Credit Program" form
    • Proof of placement into ENGL 101 and MATH 107
    • The DACC Placement test, ACT, SAT or High School Transcript can all be used for proof of placement.

Please turn "Request for Early Admittance to Dual Credit Program" form into Registrar Timothy Morgan at tmorgan@ dacc.edu. Please call 217-443-8803 if you have any questions about this form.

Tuition and fees vary per dual credit/enrollment program and early admittance to dual credit program. Full and partial tuition waivers are provided depending on the program and/or the student’s free and reduced lunch status. Please note, dual credit/enrollment program and early admittance to dual credit program coursework is not eligible for Federal Title IV programs and/or State Student Financial Aid (Federal title IV or ILMAP/IIA).

To learn more about dual credit options, contact the High School Counselor or the DACC Admissions & Registration Office.